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Home-Improvement 1)Planning stages of any remodeling project, especially kitchen remodeling is very important. If you have done any remodeling, planning is the only thing that matters if you want your project to turn out perfect. Planning involves drawing up plans, design elements, creating a list of important features that must be included, and of course being realistic. Hiring professionals can help you through the most important phases. Most homeowners fail to plan their needs and in return the kitchen tends to miss important elements. 2)Build quality is the second mistake homeowners overlook when it comes to remodeling. This involves two layers of importance. First layer, is hiring the right contractor. If you have ever requested a free estimate, you know contractors are worse than car salesman. Fast talking, pressure enforced individuals that strive to sell at all costs. However, there are some that let you sell the project to them. The importance, expectation and values of your home to you ensure a contractor takes on the project instead of the other way around. Secondly, choosing the right products. Value is far more superior then the cost of the materials. Choosing better quality cabinets instead of Ikea made products can help you avoid a costly remodeling 10 years down the line. Some may like change, but most do not. Choose the right materials and save yourself a headache in the long run. 3)Thinking ahead, but not to ahead. This I believe is the next big thing to consider in any remodeling project because of the robust real estate market we face today. If you plan on remodeling your kitchen bright funky colors, it will only appeal a certain type of buyer. The mistake most homeowners do is simple. They choose specific type of colors and fixtures that work for them. In turn, when it comes time to sell, majority of the buyers do not respond as well as they should to the new kitchen. Example, if I were to buy a house with a brand new kitchen that had bright colors like pink or teal, most likely I would redo the whole thing does not matter how new it is. However, if it was simpler and plain like white or wood color, chances are I would keep it for a few years even if it was old. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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