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Travel-and-Leisure Great Rates on Dominican Republic Vacations Trips and vacations become more possible when you avail of great deals and special packages that could help you in maximizing your budget. Options abound for travelers setting up Dominican Republic vacations. Vacation bugs who enjoy a nightcap or two can comfortably settle into a room at $657 for seven nights at the scenic Beachfront Puerto Plata. At $799, a weeks stay at the well-appointed spots of Dreams, Bahia, Paradisus, Riu and Iberostar can easily be arranged. At $582, an all-inclusive deal for three nights at the plush Barcelo Punta Cana may be luxuriously enjoyed, or making arrangements for five nights at the same resort may be availed of for the price of $738. For those who feel deserving of some pampering and are less constrained by their budget, three nights at the Excellence Punta Cana for $791 is sure to surround one in luxury, while choosing to shell out a little more at $1086 will let one stretch out longer for five nights for that glowing tan that is every vacationers dream. These are just some great rates for your Dominican Republic vacations and you could find more as you plan for your trip. Dominican Republic Vacations and Things-to-Dos that shouldnt be Missed As you plan for your next vacation, try to experience a one of a kind trip with your Dominican Republic vacations. Because this famous place is most popular with its many enchanting and gorgeous beaches, you could surely get to enjoy a lot of water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and reef diving in most areas, especially those in Puerto Plata, Cabrera, La Caleta, Punta Rucia, and Barahona. The more daring water sports like whitewater rafting and surfing are mostly done on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic such as in the Rio Yaque del Norte. Whether you are daring or not, the fantastic beaches of the land provide endless activities and opportunities to simply have a wonderful time. There are a number of mountain ranges that could be found in the area such as in Nuevo Valley and the Constanza Valley where you could enjoy hiking and trekking activities. Horseback riding and golfing are also popular activities that many tourists enjoy in the area. These are just some of the activities you shouldnt miss during your Dominican Republic vacations. Experience Extravagance at Dominican Republic Vacations When fortune comes your way, never have doubts of embracing it. This holds true about Dominican Republic vacations, so it is only wise to seize the chance of staying at the luxurious hotels in the region. Relish the taste of comfort and posh at the beautiful Sivory Punta Cana which is a world-class luxury hotel that also takes up the position of being the foremost hotel of the region to have been included in the popular category of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. You will get the feel of Polynesian and Caribbean influences improvised with modern styles complementing the ambiance of this hotel. Choose from among the 55 roomy suites, most of which provide tourists with a breathtaking view of the ocean and a private beach club. Be amazed with the fact that the majority of facilities and equipment that can be found in the rooms, food and beverage outlet, restaurants and meeting facilities were all specially imported from Spain and even from Indonesia. Enjoy extravagance at its best during your stay at the grand Sivory Punta Cana and make the best out of your Dominican Republic vacations. Dominican Republic Vacations and Fantastic Accommodations As you plan for your Dominican Republic vacations, spend some time in choosing for the best accommodations that you and your family deserve. There are a lot of excellent hotels in the area that can provide you with wonderful accommodations, and one of those is the Atlantis Hotel, which is located on the charming Playa Bonita. This hotel, which is also known as Hotel de Charme, has eighteen cozy rooms and each can have two up to five guests, depending on the room sizes. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance of the hotel as you listen to birds chirping and to the waves gently calling you from a distance. It is this exact ambiance you will get as you visit Playa Bonitas beach, walk on its powdery white sands, feel its cool blue waters at your feet, and enjoy the Caribbean breeze as you sit under lush green palm trees. To add to these, you can also enjoy delightful meals in the shade of the beach porch for lunch and in the covered terrace for a warm, candlelit dinner. Enjoy the outdoors and find your second home in Atlantis Hotel when you go on your Dominican Republic vacations any time of the year. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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