we have some bad characters in our document 取27个隐形眼镜 外卖小哥蒙面送餐

Games We are all interested in computer games and one of us, Daniel Nelson, had long been thinking that he wanted to write a musical. We latched onto the idea, wow powerleveling ,but realized we could not act themselves. So we combined together musical idea with our game of interest and thus was born the idea. We also wanted to problematize the field man and machine. Others have paired the films and computer games, but we have no affiliation with the games and musicals, so this is a void to fill, "says Marcus Klasell, one of the five students. World of Warcraft is a role playing game where you play against each other online. Participants create different characters and play with them, but some characters are also embedded in the game. Musical creators have borrowed well-known characters from the game, but posted a document that differs greatly from the war-like games where story and characters may be entirely new roles. – Certainly, we have some bad characters in our document, but evil is destroyed. This is a love story with a happy ending, and marriage and the whole choir, "says Marcus Klasell. The music, and other material, is (legally) downloaded from the web. – We may use it if we do not make money on it. The votes, however (including a lot of stergtland!) Are their own and other classmates. A total of about 30 people participated in the production. In recent weeks, have you received hefty media attention for your musical, but it has been clear for a year. How is it that you attention now? – Technical Museum in Stockholm will arrange something called geek cafe. On Wednesdays they invite the people who have done something geeky, so they probably thought we locational said there. And after their press release about us so hooked on other media. Has the attention given you the taste for continuing with a new similar project? – It’s hard to say, it has a lot to get enough time to work with this type of production. We were spending so much effort into this, the last two weeks, this was at least 18 hours a day, so it is a matter of having the time of this case. What happens now continue with the musical? – We have no ability to make a profit on it because we are using sound and music that we can not make money. But we can show it to the example of film festivals, wow powerleveling ,like the Flicker and the Night of Culture in Norrkoping. The other students in the project are Daniel Nilsson, Christoffer Forsberg, Peter Gahn and Oskar Forsgren. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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