can only be understood by experiencing the benefits. Smelling a chocolate brownie is not like tasting it. About the Author 京新连接线开通

Business Thinking outside the box is what stay-at-home moms must start doing. And mothers who have a greater disadvantage are the low income moms. At least, mothers in the middle income bracket start with something. It’s not always the low income mothers fault for needing government assistance. And trying to overcome the daily struggles of a situation that is most depressing. Many low income moms have come from dysfunctional and abusive family situations. These circumstances have led to unplanned pregnancies. Out of more than 2 pregnancies, 1 is unplanned or unwanted. These problems are more severe in higher dysfunctional families. So what is mom to do? All of a sudden mom is under tremendous pressure to provide for her child. With lack of education or skill. All of a sudden mom’s help and handouts have run dry. Mothers are working more and more hours to meet the rising child care costs. Struggling to become debt-free, and drive decent transportation. Yet mom’s small income is not enough. Her children are effected by her stressful situation. Depressed and emotionally drained most mothers can’t give quality attention to their children. This can greatly affect the behavior of her child. Lack of confidence and the desire to excel in school can be the result. When a child craves his/her mother’s attention and can’t receive this attention, it can cause negative effects on behavior. And when mom tries, with all her might, to focus her remaining energy on her child, she is wore out by nightfall. This can cause poor eating habits which lead to poor health for mom and her child. The worst part is that moms who work a regular job earn 15 to 20% less then a woman without a child. What really hurts is taxes eat up even more of mom’s hard earned money. A mother earning income above the earned income level receives no tax credit. The mother in the middle income bracket works much harder with no support or assistance. This increases stress and is not good for moms health. There’s mom have any time to enjoy her life? After working all day, sore feet, taking abuse from her boss all day. Listening to gossip from coworkers, then dealing with rush hour traffic. Now after picking up her child from daycare who is hyperactive; totally in need of her undivided attention. Mom’s cell phone is ringing with additional demands from family and friends. While mom is exhausted, yet trying to hide her pain from her child. The physical mind and body cannot handle stress on a continual basis. Something must give or mom must change the way she provides for her family. The answer is working from home with a affiliate marketing business. There is no cost to start. You can run your affiliate home business from the public Library. The tax savings are great. There are Internet books, and companies that will walk you through the entire affiliate marketing process. You must make the effort and sacrifice to do a little research. Go online and type in your Yahoo or Google search engine, affiliate marketing. Work with someone you feel comfortable with. Someone who understands and has been doing affiliate marketing. Ask questions, do some research on your lunch break. Do it for your child, do it for yourself. The time, effort and knowledge you receive, will truly outweigh the stress and suffering of working for, a unsatisfied boss. Take action and do it for your future. The freedom and peace of mind that working from home provides, can only be understood by experiencing the benefits. Smelling a chocolate brownie is not like tasting it. About the Author: By: PRP – By: PRP – By: PRP – By: smartweb – By: Chintan Shah – By: Ranjan kumar – By: smartweb – By: smartweb – By: GoodContent – By: vikram kumar – 相关的主题文章:

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