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UnCategorized One of the things that people sometimes forget to consider, when thinking of buying a printer is the cost of the consumables. The printer venders have a tendency to reduce printer prices to get a consumer to buy the printer and neglect to reveal the hidden cost of the consumables like toner. These are the costs that can in the long run be more than the cheap printer. The major consumable expense a consumer will face with a laser printer is the toner cartridge replacement. Learn the toner price and the number of pages it prints before it is used up. The cost per page can be calculated. Just divide the price of the toner by the number of pages. The lingo the vender is liable to use concerns the percent of coverage, which means the percentage of every page with toner on it when printed. The percentage will probably be 5%, which is thought of as a good percentage, if it is a complete page of text. Another salesman may use 10% as his percentage of coverage. Just multiply the page total by 2 to see what a comparison to 5% is like. That is how many pages this toner cartridge would print using a 5% coverage figure. Refills Find out whether or not refills are available for this toner cartridge. You can look at cartridge re-fillers on the Internet. New toner cartridges can be $80.00 to $90.00, whereas, refills are around $20.00 on average. The mechanical parts of the cartridge works for around 10,000 pages of print out. Eventually the fusing barrels is gone. When this happens unwanted lines and patterns start printing. When you buy a re-manufactured cartridge, the drum has probably been replaced. Keep in mind, this means the replaced cartridge probably won’t work for the length of time a new one would work. With these points in mind refills are cheaper in the long run, though a re-manufactured cartridge may not be more cost effective. In comparison with ink jets printers, the laser printer is lower in cost for ink. If a 1000 pages with text and graphics were printed with an ink jet printer, the ink jet cartridge would have to be replaced four, maybe five times. The majority of laser printer toner cartridges can print more than a 1000 pages. For a business the savings are obvious. Lasers printers have the advantage of not using liquid ink, which can bubble and therefore lasers probably won’t break down as often. Lasers use a powder form of ink. Also, laser printers reduce the amount of work in an office related to printing. This is because their trays are deeper and the toner cartridges hold more ink. For any business that does a large volume of printing, a laser printer will save it quite a bit of money. It also is faster and prints higher quality documents. Though a laser printer takes more room than an ink jet printer, making room for the laser printer is the smarter move. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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