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UnCategorized San Francisco courier services usually determine their shipping fees according to the freight class of your package. An important component that helps to determine freight class is the weight of the package. This is an important detail that cannot be taken lightly, as it determines the manner that the package will be delivered. If you estimate the weight of your package in lieu of providing accurate information, you might find that your shipping quote will change because of the actual weight of your package. Whether or not estimating your shipment’s weight has a bearing on your shipping costs depends on how you have ordered your shipping service. If your package is to be carried along with other packages on a delivery truck or van, then you will most likely see a change in your fee if you have underestimated the weight of the package. The shipping company will verify the weight of heavier packages in order to determine the best mode of transportation. If you have hired a dedicated truck, however, the scenario might be much different. If the truck you have hired is only delivering your goods, then an accurate weight is not quite as essential. More important information would be the number of cases on the truck, in case a second driver is required to off load the delivery in a timely and safe fashion. Otherwise, the exact weight is not really relevant to your shipping charges. The only problem would be if the overall weight of your cargo was to exceed the maximum capacity of the assigned delivery vehicle. In that situation, a larger vehicle will have to be used. This large vehicle will inevitably come at a higher expense than you might have planned on. Accurate information is vitally important when getting a shipping quote from San Francisco courier services. Unless you have hired a dedicated delivery vehicle, where your packages are the only ones on the vehicle, your shipping quote is going to be determined in large part by the weight of your package. If you choose to estimate the weight of your shipment, you might find that the quote is not accurate. If your estimate is too high, then your charges will be less. However, if your estimate is less than the real weight of your package, your shipping costs will be higher than you anticipated. To ensure an accurate quote, do not estimate the weight of your shipment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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