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Finance As the job market continues to be about as tight as an angry boa constrictor, you need to take a "YOU" attitude in your rsum and show quantifiable results to get hired. Phrase each sentence to communicate the message, "Here is what I can do for YOU!" How? Show your potential new employer what you have accomplished in clear, concrete quantitative results. Quantitative results should demonstrate either money you saved the company or money you generated for the company. What do new employers want from their new employees? *The ability to generate money for the company by increasing sales, redesigning the website to increase visits per page, or increasing customer retention. *The ability to save the company money by reducing turnover, decreasing product loss during the quality assurance process, and reducing costs. In short, employers are looking for employees who can: *Increase the efficiency of the operation. *Increase income. *Reduce costs for everything from paperclips to airplanes. The world has changed. No longer will employers settle for a vague statement such as, "I increased sales." To get the interview, you need to be specific: by how much (in percentage and dollars) did you increase sales? Employers are comparing those percentages and dollars to select the one to three people they decide to interview. Your goal is to get the interview. How do you do show quantitative results? A good source for information is reviews by your current and past employers. You are keeping those, aren’t you??? There are many gems within them which can be mined to make your new rsum sparkle. Here is how to do that: 1.Do you have general accomplishments? Were you recruited from a field of 200 for this job? Why were you hired? Did you bring to the job a particular skill set they sought? What tasks have you completed in your previous jobs? Did you observe a deficiency, present a viable solution, and then complete the project? Example: A woman hired by a non-profit realized that they did not have a safety program. Since she had the skill set to create one, she proposed that she be allowed to do so. After collecting and collating all the first aid sheets (MSDS) from every office product (pens to Post-it Notes), pool, landscaping, janitorial office chemical in seven offices and health clubs, she filled three 3" binders. About 24 hours after she delivered the safety program to all the branch offices, there was a monumental chemical accident which resulted in the evacuation of the facility and the hospital next door. When OSHA inspected, the first thing they asked to see the safety program. The inspector stated that because there was a written program in place, this saved the non-profit over $50,000, the fine for not having a safety program and MSDS protocol for a facility that large. That is an accomplishment she can quantify on her rsum: "Developed a comprehensive OSHA-compliant environmental health and safety program which saved the non-profit over $50,000 in potential OSHA fines after an accident." 2.In accounting, there are metrics for measuring accomplishments. Here are a few key terms to infuse in your rsum: Accounting & Finance: cash flow, COGS, DSO, gross margin, operating margin, SG&A and operating expenses Management: budget, department or company revenue, people 3.What are some examples of quantifiable results in each of these areas? Merge your quantifiable results into your accomplishments, which strengthens your statements. Start your sentences with a verb to avoid "I" statements. (The statements below describe different individuals.) Accounting & Finance: *Implemented a successful restructuring initiative which increased cash flow by 15% from $636M to $731M. *Reduced foreign tax liability and US tax liability on foreign income for the corporation and its foreign affiliates by 12% ($2M). *Researched and located a non-profit pricing structure which reduced office operating expenses by 45% from $24,000 to $15,600 per year. *Reduced facilities expenses by 10% (or $10,800) by leveraging volume purchases for deeper discounts. Management: *Managed a team of 75 direct reports in a chemical company which generated sales of $764M while working with vendors such as a $732M manufacturing company. *Directed a team of five forensic accountants who uncovered an international money laundering scheme. Investigation resulted in the conviction of four foreign nationals and the recovery of $36M. *Managed a team of three accountants as the Executive Producer on the sequel to a summer blockbuster movie. By enforcing schedule and cost controls, brought the movie in under budget and ahead of schedule, saving the studio over $30M in comparison to its predecessor. Show, by the numbers, how you stand out from the crowd and you will be the one who gets the interview! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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