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Health Roles and duties that are assigned to person partitioning physical therapy Costa Mesa are discussed. Primary aim of physical therapy Costa Mesa is to help the patients in reliving the pain. Apart from that it also focuses on helping the person to improve his or her mobility. Any accident or disease that has left the patient with physical damage is tried to be reversed with the help of physical therapies. Thus the therapists try to ensure that any physical damage does not lead the person to any disability. What do physical therapists in Costa Mesa heal? Physical therapy Costa Mesa helps people suffering from following: Arthritis Fractures Heart disease Head injuries Severe back pain Shoulder pain and many more What are the functions of physical therapists? Role of physical therapists is challenging and tough. At times the patients do not respond well to the body movements taught by the therapists. Also such patients do not tend to practice the exercises that are taught by the therapist. There are some therapists who incorporate the use of machines and heavy equipments to train their patients with good and easy mobility. History: Physical therapy Costa Mesa begins with the medical history of the patient. The therapists have to examine the patient thoroughly and even conduct tests if necessary. They would have to test the strength and performance of muscle, balance, posture etc of their patient. This helps the therapists to understand the patient’s ability to undertake prescribed exercises. Also the therapist would be able to focus on the problem area and help it heal and strengthen. Exercises: Physical Therapy Costa Mesa helps the patients heal with the help of exercises. The exercises are developed by the therapists who are educationally trained and experienced. The therapists understand which body part has to be applied with how much pressure in order to heal. The movements in exercise involve certain posture and pressure for the part to heal. Also the therapists would some movements to be practiced at home. Alternatives: There are cases where the therapists would prescribe medications or other alternatives along with physical therapy. They might prescribe with cold compresses or even hot packs in certain body areas. This is to allow the person relieve from the excruciating pain in the body part. The time period for the medications or alternatives have to be continued would be prescribed by the therapists. The job of therapist is to teach the patients to maintain a strong and healthy regimen to exert their recovery. They also train the patient on using wheelchairs and crutches. Such therapy requires patience and constant follow ups to recover from a condition. About the Author: By: Alfred J. Jones – Nutrition is an essential element of everybody’s life. 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