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One million SUV Tesla Model X domestic price announced – Sohu technology released long-awaited Tesla Model X announced the domestic price in the days before finally, the MODEL X Standard Edition 90D priced at 96.1~117.18 yuan, also added a price of up to 1 million 479 thousand and 500 yuan MODEL X P90DSignature Red limited edition. At present, Tesla began to invite X Model consumer optional, and is expected to begin in China delivery in the two quarter, the deposit is 100 thousand yuan. Model X is the first full electric SUV of Tesla, with a rear wing gull door design, the opening time only 6~7 seconds. This design makes it easier for rear seat passengers to come in and out. Model X modeling is very scientific and technological sense, the body with a variety of safety equipment and design, the front face of the former Model S also inherited. The windshield and the skylight blend together to create a very wide view, somewhat like a helicopter. The internal space of Model X is large, and it’s a 7 seat (2+3+2) pure electric SUV. The tail of the Model X is equipped with an electric spoiler. The spoiler opens automatically at 72km h, and the spoiler will be partially retracted at the top speed. Model X length is 5036.8mm, width is 2270.8mm, wheelbase 2964.2mm. MODEL X Standard Version 90D 470 km, 100 kilometers acceleration 5 seconds, the highest speed of 250 kilometers per hour. And MODEL X P90D life 450 kilometers, 100 kilometers acceleration 4 seconds (rage mode hundred kilometers acceleration 3.4 seconds), the highest speed of 250 kilometers per hour. Enjoy the WeChat, sweep it, and reward the author

百万级SUV 特斯拉Model X国内售价公布-搜狐科技   发布已久的特斯拉Model X终于在日前公布了国内的售价,其中MODEL X标准版90D售价96.1~117.18万元,还新增了一款售价高达147.95万元的MODEL X P90DSignature Red限量版。目前特斯拉开始邀请Model X的消费者进行选装,并预计于二季度开始在中国交付,订金为10万元。      Model X是特斯拉第一款全电动SUV,并带有后座鸥翼门的设计,开启时间只需要6~7秒。这个设计可以让后座乘客更方便地进出。      Model X的造型非常有科技感,车身带有多种安全装备和设计,前脸对前作Model S也有继承。      挡风玻璃和天窗融合在一起,营造出一种非常开阔的视角,有点类似直升飞机。      Model X的内部空间很大,是一台7座(2+3+2)的纯电动SUV。      Model X的尾部带有电动扰流板,在72km h的速度下扰流板自动开启,在最高时速下,扰流板将被部分收回。      Model X的车长为5036.8mm,宽为2270.8mm,轴距为2964.2mm。MODEL X标准版90D续航470 公里,百公里加速5.0 秒,最高时速250 公里 小时。而MODEL X P90D续航450 公里,百公里加速4.0 秒(狂暴模式下百公里加速3.4 秒 ),最高时速250 公里 小时。   打赏         微信扫一扫,打赏作者吧~相关的主题文章:

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