– Victoria Song exposed hair style elegant interpretation of the Queen – stunning intellectual enter 捷安特xtc750

"-" Victoria Song exposed hair style stunning elegant interpretation of intellectual Queen – Sohu Victoria Song entertainment "-" stills Sohu entertainment news adapted from Guo Jingming’s novel of the same name fantasy drama "-" is Hunan TV hit, played by Victoria Song and William Feng as the pear falls from the castle to a friend met Xiangshou friend suffered deep abuse, beautiful girl Victoria Song also by virtue of their acting skills and understanding of the role, conquered many viewers, more fans are willing to call Victoria Song as "brother fall" is proved. Tonight, the pear will officially become the ice queen, white hair falling on the line. Wake up after the character of the pear fall, so that the audience to see the multi-faceted Victoria Song, goddess and female men freely switch acting was praised. "White hair fall" stunning "line? Suo CP" sugar toxic abuse does not stop in this week, played by William Feng CaSO will share life infinite Protoss mortal pear falls, but can accompany each other in life, the two seem to have been to beautiful fairy tale ending, but the pear falls and Sang Lan’s character it is upside down this beautiful cast a shadow. "So the couple?" it is sugar sugar poison, addict group two of the war triggered at any moment hidden in the seemingly calm and peaceful atmosphere. His life has a pear drop stunning transformation, white head color ice race queen title and the symbol of the ice people, is a fan of praise for "like Bobbi Doll", "white hair" shape is also exceptionally delicate, pure beauty and Victoria Song temperament complement each other. Victoria Song challenges the dual personality of 180 DEG C to subvert the interpretation of intellectual from Queen yiyanbuge began the rash and too much in haste, female man keep messenger to wake, gentle and demure from the mirror queen, Victoria Song in the "-" the character has changed over 180 DEG C and subversion. Victoria Song is generous, and can deduce female incarnation of sweet shy bride, to better interpret a graceful queen, changes in response to different environment roles, she seemed at ease, and their own wind play full of challenges. A perfect interpretation of this multiple roles, Victoria Song was enough to witness the depth for the role and for the fans to bring the full sincerity of their best. Although Victoria Song debut as a singer, but she was performing on the road constantly challenge themselves, to become the artist, film about constantly is the best of the actor certainly. King and sweet after the sweet hand can be forever? What’s new in the fire? More exciting to look forward to.相关的主题文章:

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