There is a over sixty years of gymnastics Master Taizhou sanitation circle 瀬名アスカ

There is a over sixty years of gymnastics "Master exercise" is Xu Changzheng every day at five or six in the morning Taizhou sanitation circle in Chicheng, Taizhou Tiantai County streets Qing Mao Xi Murahashi Zumi shore, can always see a old man wearing vests in the exercise. His name is Xu Changzheng, 65 years old this year, is an ordinary sanitation workers. Yesterday, the reporter saw him, he was hands Baoquan, relax in the bar hanging upside down, static ten seconds later, Xu uncle changed the position, will stand on the side of the body with the pillar, motionless. Around a lot of people, everyone said Xu uncle had a good effort, the professional gymnastics coach was consummate". Some people joked, in environmental circles, Xu Changzheng is certainly the most played in gymnastics, gymnastics; he must be the most will sweep the floor. Long term fatigue make the cervical vertebra is not good, to regain the gymnastics is over sixty years of age of the sanitation workers, playing gymnastics play fast, is not it sounds unbelievable, how does he do it? Xuchang is young when he served in the army, the army of hard training, he has acquired a good physique. "When I was in Jiangsu for 4 years, I fell in love with sports." Xu Changzheng said. Soldiers in those years, Xu Changzheng very hard, after the end of each training, he will always leave a person, continue to exercise. On the site of Trojan horse, horizontal bar, uneven bars and other equipment are very fascinated him. After retirement, Xu Changzheng back home, no time, no mind to exercise. As the age increases, long-term physical activity makes Xu Changzheng cervical, lumbar is not good. Four or five years ago, the children have a family, I am a bit more, just want to start again." Xu Changzheng said. Then, Xu Changzheng began to regain the gymnastics hobby, kick, kick, kick, frog, step step, Panlong splits, horizontal bar, column standing upside down, the 360 degree circle…… He sort of these moves from easy to difficult, step by step, slowly practice. After a long period of exercise, Xu Changzheng’s old problems have disappeared. "Daily exercise, relaxed, sweep up a lot faster, sports really make people happy." Xu Changzheng always says that to people. Last year, Xu Changzheng became responsible for the three sections of Mao Xi of sanitation workers, every day at 5:10 in the morning to 5:50, he will be on time to three Mao Xi shore morning exercise, almost regardless of the weather. After 6, the end of the exercise, Xu Changzheng began to sweep the streets along the road, into the busy work. Sharing and the public, happy to pass the horizontal bar on the Xu Changzheng energetic movement as a young man, high difficulty movement also be nothing difficult. Every time I see him smoothly 360 degree circle, everyone is always unable to restrain the emotions to give him a hand. This is not, many people still come apprenticed! In Xu Changzheng’s view, the most critical thing is to open the body. He told reporters that the important warm-up before exercise, many people exercise did not exercise, this is very easy to be injured in sports. "Every day I’ll kick, stretched out his hand for a walk, exercise, not anxious, must have patience and perseverance." "Once there was a young man who came here to work in three, weighing about 178 Jin, his stomach was full of meat. He wanted me to teach him how to lose weight." Xu Changzheng believes that weight loss can not be anxious.相关的主题文章:

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