Hong Kong Institute of Chinese college students in the vicinity of the Cantonese Language Classes ex-utc行家

Hong Kong Chinese college students worry half mandarin cantonese class "extinct" – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, according to Hongkong’s "Ming Pao" reported that the primary and secondary schools in Hongkong in the general debate continued, Chinese college taught in Mandarin also questioned. Hong Kong Institute of Chinese used mandarin teaching courses accounted for two to 30%, but this year, half of which have surged to 17 courses in Putonghua teaching, students worry intensified trend, or by Chinese Cantonese course of extinction". Students quoted the school responded that the Chinese academic lack of local talent in Hongkong, hiring local lecturers encounter difficulties. HKU spokesman, expectations of both students and teachers can make good use of knowledge in Cantonese, Putonghua or English language, master Chinese traditional and simplified characters, are conducive to learning. Hong Kong from the world to attract international reputation of outstanding scholars, to provide students with quality teaching and learning. University of education, Hongkong literature and culture department associate professor Tang Haojian said, with the teacher teaching is Chinese Department of Hongkong native tradition, that the current Hongkong students from primary school to receive education in Putonghua, Cantonese or Mandarin classes are similar, but the ancient Chinese poems of Tang and Song Dynasties is questionable". Tang said, learning the ancient poetry on chanting, Cantonese learning helps students into poetry emotion, Tang also stressed that the study of ancient poetry rhyme, rhythm is just one category.相关的主题文章:

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