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Apple released the new MacBook Pro: price 11488 yuan Apple released the new MacBook Pro: the price of 11488 yuan from the Phoenix Francisco October 28th message, from the September launch of the iPhone 7 ended less than two months time, apple today opened the conference. Although the Air series and iMac series is absent, but MacBook Pro after years of big update is still exciting. IOS 10 update rate before breaking the 60% talked about the new Mac series product line, a lot of things about Cook. According to him, the current iOS 10 installation rate has exceeded 60%, the last half of the month increased by 6 percentage points, while iOS was reduced to $32% in. By the way, Cook also despised the Google, said Android 7 installation rate of less than 1%, Android is now only a mere $19%, in fact, many devices will never get the Android 7. Then talked about Apple TV, and hardware independent, Apple has just launched a new name TV App. It is on the previous Apple TV nearly 10000 applications are integrated together to support Siri intelligent voice search, and get through the interconnection between iPhone and iPad. In sports and news viewing, it is more social, allowing you to watch twitter, and even interact with players and journalists. Of course, this is nothing to do with the domestic users of the thing is not the focus of the conference. If the release of Microsoft’s Surface last night, so that the designers are crying, then tonight’s new version of the MacBook Pro designers will cry again, and even there have been. Thinner and lighter, also joined the Touch Bar more thin appearance unchanged for many years MacBook Pro if the point of view, the change is not too obvious. It is still a full integrated body design Aluminum Alloy material, deep space gray and silver two color options, the screen is divided into 13 and 15 inch two specifications, the fuselage 17% slim than ever. The new version of MacBook Pro canceled the HDMI interface, only 4 sides can be inserted, charging and data transmission general Thunderbolt 3 interface (not directly to charge iPhone, remember to take out after the adapter yo ~ two), the two sides of the body. Thanks to this, compared with the previous generation of products, the new 13 inch version of the thickness of 18mm thin to 14.9mm, weighing about 1.37 kg, while the 15 inch version is thin to 15.5mm, weighing about 1.83 kg. 2 times larger than the touchpad, Apple released the first generation of notebook PowerBook,, after 25 years, Apple has redefined the notebook computer. As the news leaked before the conference, in addition to the new version of MacBook Pro touch panel is equipped with a new keyboard and 2 times bigger, it originally at the top of the keyboard that a function key is removed, replaced by a block with a touch screen display, apple called Touc)相关的主题文章:

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