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Pets In our western states they’re about 25,000 wild mustangs and burros that are supposed to be allowed to remain running free on public lands, in their natural habitat managed by the Bureau of Land (BLM) Management. President Nixon signed the "Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971". They shouldn’t be rounded up by helicopters and hauled a thousand miles away to stand in a holding pen awaiting to be sent to a slaughter house at the American taxpayers expense. It’s illegal to gather horse’s up by helicopters in the first place. Cruelty to animals is a crime punished by stiff fines and jail time. They should be allowed to remain exactly where they’re run free on public lands. The mustangs have every right to remain there as free roaming animals the same as the American bald eagle, buffalo, black bears, grizzly bears, cougars and all the other mammals in other parts of the United States. The mustangs have been a symbol of our American heritage and a true symbol of the American West. Young generations need to continue to know about the meaning of freedom for the next two hundred and fifty years the same as they have for the last two hundred and fifty years. If not first hand seen, touched, worked with, we’ve been taught about what American heritage (mustangs) stands for. The mustangs have been an important part by being used and rode across, in the western states. The first explorers’ used them and farmers used them, the civil war army used them, as well as all the other military forces used them. Right here in 2011 horses are still used in police work. The mustangs are a "household" word with every adult and child in the United States. If not mustangs then they surely know what a horse is! Automobiles, football teams, clubs, school mascots of grade schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges, streets and many countless other entities use the word mustangs for a reason. And, that reason is American heritage and freedom. The mustangs can’t speak for themselves so it’s our responsibility to step up to the plate, speaking out for them! The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, Madeline Pickens and countless others have went to great extremes to bring forth awareness to this very issue! With the thousands of acres that Ms Pickens purchased for a sanctuary to be built for the mustangs’ and burros is a workable plan that will work! There’s already been many wild horse sanctuaries in operation for years, proven to work by Neda DeMayo and Dayton Hyde in other states. Write your district legislation to do something before all the mustangs are killed off! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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