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Business Does your benefit auction often include an item from a photographer who always donates a package? Most of the auctions we work have at least one item donated from a photographer. Oftentimes the donation is a free sitting with one 8"X10" print for a family, a couple, or an individual. We most often put this item in the silent auction, but sometimes it will be sold in the live auction. Although this donation is attractively displayed and the photographer often showcases his or her work on an easel, the item rarely sells well. In some cases, they don’t sell at all. I believe that most buyers realize that the cost of the item isn’t in the sitting; the money is spent at the end, when they will purchase all of those lovely prints. One 8"X10" is never enough! I’ve been thinking of ways to improve this auction item and recently heard of an idea which might offer a new twist on this fairly .mon donation. Have you heard of a photo party? Photo parties are usually hosted by a family at their home. They open their home to 10 to 15 other families for the day. The families have fun (it’s a party!), and the photographer spends the day (or half-day) taking candid shots and more staged portraits of the families. The subjects themselves may be posed in the backyard (such as a family sitting in the grass) or candid shots (such as two young siblings interacting on a swing set). Consider asking your photographer for a photo-party donation. If a sitting is usually a 3-hour or 4-hour process in the studio, would your photographer be willing to go to someone’s home and take some nice shots in exchange for the opportunity to shoot several families at once? Granted, a photographer may prefer studio shooting simply because the lighting can be set and weather conditions are irrelevant. (Who cares if it’s raining when you’re inside a studio!) But I suspect there are advantages for everyone in this type of a donation. FROM THE BUYER’S VIEW: My guess is that many families would prefer a more casual photo shoot in someone’s attractive backyard. And hanging out with friends for the day (while everyone gets their photo taken) might be a fun way to spend a Saturday. FROM THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S VIEW: If the photographer is willing to shoot on location in someone’s large home or yard, he or she might be able to sell more finished prints. That’s good for the bottom line of the photographer. FROM THE CHARITY’S VIEW: If you’re hoping to change the traditional photo package into a photo party, you’ll need to find a willing hostess. You’ll need someone to host the party — preferably someone with a pretty home and nice yard. This concept is a good way to put a fresh face on a traditional donation. Give it a try! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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