After a lapse of 10 years to set up Yunnan border militia post sentry gun – not Sohu Military Channe-ca1871

After a lapse of 10 years to set up Yunnan border militia post sentry gun – not Sohu Military Channel reporter: "today I face the road towards the direction of the port passing 12 cars, 8 trucks loaded with large and small vans 4, without exception! My morning on Sino Vietnamese border marker 17 to inspect the inspections, everything is normal!" In October 20th 18, in Yunnan County of Lvchun province Niutuo Luohe village militia post, community service Yang Jinyong by telephone to report on duty situation of resident company. This year, under the jurisdiction of the Mengzi military district more than and 400 km border line, the new 15 militia post, disappeared 10 years later, militia post back with a new mission. Regardless of the withdrawal or set, are realistic needs." Military commander Chai Yong told reporters that the history of post militia with the troops had fought, and made outstanding contributions to protect the frontier of peace. At the end of last century, after the completion of the historic mission, the post also removed. In recent years, with the urbanization of inland border areas, border control, blind spots increase, urgent need to strengthen the protection of power. Therefore, at the beginning of this year, the military decided to restore part of the militia outpost in the border line. They are in accordance with "military co-ordination, border mission point, renwubu selection" mode, near the border points and the channel will be a sealed position, free barracks, temporary duty room and idle houses into the post, focusing on the selection of veterans, Party members as stagnation militia; integration of military affairs involving the side, let the stagnation point boundary business part-time militia staff, Rangers, information member defense team and the number of post. This can not only effective use of military spare real estate, help the militia by post income, but also to achieve full line defense against the edge of living. At present, the first batch of post construction is in full swing, 20 points before the end of the militia will gradually settled in place. Far away from the town, harsh conditions, heavy task, the subsidy is limited, but in the face of the reporter, the militia outpost to talk about the most is the responsibility and glory. Just two whistle Chen Jianfeng responsible for the 4 pillar of the militia patrols on duty, in order to better work, he managed to persuade family home from the town moved to the edge of the post. Every month, he would be in the 4 pillar of its jurisdiction back and forth between the number of times, more than and 20 kilometers of the boundary line engraved in his mind — from the pillar on the left side of the Eucalyptus many meters, how many meters away from the rubble, how many meters away from the door behind the ridge, he. Kim is a town militia outpost near the port building. In June, the high sea militia even the guy had moved to the post, in order to facilitate observation, he moved out of pocket to block the line of sight of a tree, and put a high-powered telescope on the two floor balcony, one day does not fall will be written into the log on duty monitoring records. Since the last whistle, he was a man on the frontline officers and men to provide more than 10 important edge information. Saddle bottom Township militia post money health also assume the task of guarding cedar forest zone. In July, he found a group of Chinese people in the transit of Chinese fir. Qian Jian was with them, and report to the border troops, assist forces arrested the gang. After the forest police confirmed that this is an illegal gangs who commit crimes repeatedly. Men say, not guns but for the militia outpost, we provide a gun!相关的主题文章:

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