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120 – Billy: will Ang Lee lead the next wave of film revolution? – Sohu technology, whether successful or not, 120 frames are given a new possibility for the future of the film." 100 million, as of November 16th at 5 pm, Ang Lee’s "·"; "the war in the middle of the box office" of the company broke through at the box office by the end of the year of 100 million in the afternoon of the year, at the end of the year, at the end of the year, and. In addition to Li Anjiu’s new work, the film is more historically due to the use of 4K 3D 120 frame format shooting and much attention. 100 million of the box office results to some extent on behalf of the market for the new technology of the initial recognition. Judging from the current audience feedback, the evaluation of the film is like a bomb. Some people say that the motion picture of the film is very smooth, the details of the super realism, novelty full; some people hold against the view that it is more like television, the lack of general cognitive film texture. Who is to say, "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" 120 frames will be like "Afanda" 3D like that become the future mainstream film technology, promote the whole movie change. As Ang Lee put it, "there is a thing that calls me, a new film language calling me." Now that the 120 frame has appeared, we have to respond to it. The 24 frame is just the history of the history of film technology, the first mentioned is the frame of 24. French film director Godard once said, "the movie is the truth of 24 frames per second". For a long time, the film’s projection standard is 24 frames, that is, every second of 24 frames. This is not because the 24 frame is best, but because the 24 frame is the cheapest. The sound film is ripe in 1926, it was found in the 35mm film support audio playback is the minimum frame rate of 24 frames (lower frame rate may lead to loss of audio information on the film). The movie company in order to save funds, simply put the 24 frame rules for movie frame rate standard. History is always one by one by chance. First, in order to distinguish it from the 24 TV movie frame, frame rate is 25 frames will. 1950s, in order to restore the flow from the cinema to the audience, Hollywood and the screen size of the film from 4:3 to 1.85:1 wide screen. From silent to sound, from black and white to color, from 2D to 3D, the cinema has been passive to follow the development of film technology. Such as "Afanda" hot, only accelerate the popularization of domestic 3D auditorium. And wait until Ang Lee’s "· Billy, the midfield battle of", 3D=2D*2, 4K=2K*4120 frame =24 frame *5, a rough count, the film generates 40 times the amount of information per second of traditional movies. The higher the amount of information required for a higher specification of the projection equipment, which also means a higher screening costs. For commercial profit considerations, not all companies are genuinely willing to accept new technology, so at present, only 5 of the world cinema show support top version, located in New York, Losangeles, Beijing.相关的主题文章:

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