Brazilian Hair Extensions and Brazilian straight hair weave

The method of hair extension can be done in various methods and manners some of the popular ones are clip in forms or in weft form, in the process of hair weave the extension can be sewn in or glued into one’s hair.

With the new Brazilian hair extensions like Brazilian straight hair weave today, you can easily use weaves for short hair and are more frequently used. In this process the small elastic bands are used for attaching extensions to a woman’s hair. One of the biggest benefits of this method is that it is measured as less damaging than other extension applications and methods.

Today, the perhaps the most popular form of Brazilian Remy hairs is curly. In case, a woman wishes to have straight like other any day, then all she has to do is to flat iron her new tresses. This is the best she can do to achieve the best look she desired for that too without using any kind of heat to her natural tresses.

Currently the extensions are available in two types and they are:

1. Virgin Brazilian tresses or the Brazilian virgin hair: This is one of the most popular and preferred product in the market. It is very much accepted and used by celebrities around the world and also by common women. These have never been processed with any kind of chemical or whatsoever in any manner. This is protected from the chemicals because of its ability to provide natural shine and slight wave it contains. The cuticles of this type of hair are preserved because they are unidirectional, using these types of hairs will make sure that the problems like tangling, abrading, and frizzing are not encountered by the user. go to

2. Brazilian Remy tresses: This is considered the standard form. It is very much different from the Brazilian virgin hair; the reason is that these are most often treated with color and chemicals. These are processed so that the curly Remy hair extensions can be achieved. In addition to that these are many times dyed so that it can match various types of hair in the world like matching for the Caucasian or European women. In the standard form they are available in the dark brown and black color. With these extensions you can perform various tasks such as dyeing, curled, blow dried, or flat ironed.

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