Cloud painting ratings break 20% step by step ranking rise 9c8836

"Cloud picture" ratings to break 20% "step by step" ranking drama on fire against the Sina entertainment news South Korean KBS2TV television Monday Tuesday drama "cloud painted Moonlight" last night once again hit more than 20% of the ratings, once again won the Monday Tuesday drama ratings winner, and MBC television started Monday Tuesday drama "pulling suitcase woman" is at the bottom. According to South Korean ratings company today released the latest data, "painting clouds Moonlight" last night a record 20.7% national ratings, the score increased by 1.1% over the 19.6% week drama ratings, let "cloud painting Moonlight" continues to dominate the Korean drama ratings champion Monday Tuesday. The new MBC series "Monday Tuesday pulling suitcase woman" hit 6.9% ratings on the night of the premiere, the results compared to a MBC on Monday Tuesday drama "the monster" finale ratings for 14.1% dropped 7.2%, the bottom of the rankings in South Korea Monday Tuesday. Had been at the bottom of the SBS Monday Tuesday drama "startling step by step: Li" last night, a record 7.1% of the ratings, the ratings increased 6.2% compared to the last week of 0.9%, ratings also rose to second. Lu Dong Yin text copyright Mydaily (reprinted ban: commissioning editor Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: Tianjin people avoid it at high speed long distance traffic illegal for speeding. ekdv-273

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