Creating a Beach Jewelry Business

When I started collecting sea glass it was innocent enough. A friend had found out about sea glass through someone she works with. Then she met someone who collected sea glass while she was out collecting sea glass. This person showed her a few pieces of jewelry she had made and my friend sold them for her.

My friend then decided that making sea glass jewelry was something she could do to make a few extra dollars and she included me in her quest. That was it. We started “glassing” in several different areas collecting all the glass we could.  We then started making jewelry with the instructions of some online sites and you tube videos.

Before we knew it we were trying to sell our jewelry. It seems like a long time ago, but it was just a bit over a year. Since then we have sold our jewelry on a wholesale basis to a craft shop, sold to friends and family, sold at craft fairs and have sold at consignment shops. We now have online shops on etsy and Facebook pages.

Have we made a lot of money?  No. For me my money goes back into the business to pay for expenses like tables at craft fairs,  jewelry “findings” which include wire, beads, necklaces, earring wire, etc.  I have decided that even if I never make a big profit, I’ll be happy if by selling my natural sea glass jewelry at Sea Glass Visions on etsy I can pay the expenses so it’s a hobby I can continue to enjoy.

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