Curved TV how to choose different sizes of curvature difference

How do you choose the different curvature of the curved surface of the TV to choose a different surface TV friends have to know the curvature of the word, then the different sizes of the TV curvature on the choice of what is different? Curved TV how to choose different viewing distance to select the corresponding curvature. When the size is certain, the closer the viewing distance to the surface radius, the more consistent with the physiological structure of the eye, the better the viewing experience. Therefore, only when the viewing distance is equal to the radius of the surface, the viewing experience is the best. When we watch TV at home, the viewing distance is within a certain range, so it is necessary to adapt to the curvature of the curvature of the surface of most families to watch the distance. In general, 50 inches below the 3000R, more than 50 inch 4000R. With curved TV natural high-end properties, the 4000R curvature of 55 inches above models is relatively the most common. The same type of television, according to the size of different curvature, given these two kinds of curvature selection, Hisense M5600 surface TV series do. IFA2016 Samsung on the surface of the CFG70 quantum dot game display, the display can show a 125%sRGB color gamut coverage, can bring brilliant colors but also the use of environmentally friendly cadmium free design. As a 24 inch display, its curvature is 1800R, because of small size, and the user from the screen closer, so the 1800R curvature is the most appropriate. (the world wide web home appliances network [original])相关的主题文章:

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