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Don’t quarrel with your parents! Please for children! Mom and dad have a look! One of the best things a parent can do for a child is to love their mother. Because life in love, she (he) heart is soft, comfortable, warm, is stable, forgiving everyone, will create a happy and warm family atmosphere, and that atmosphere, the largest and most direct beneficiary, is the child. Couples in love, their children will also have a strong sense of security in the morning coffee shop, no one. I usually go to the coffee shop, will bring a pen and paper, to a cup of coffee, spread out a pen and paper, affectation to also think oneself is JK Rowling, in fact, I can’t write anything on the outside, I would love to see people look around. This coffee shop, I sat opposite, is a foreign couple, the couple are in chat, I do not know what to say, her husband suddenly reached out, took his wife’s hand, put on his lips and kissed it, his wife smiled, his face a little blush, sparkling eyes, a couple immersed in their happiness, self-assured or supercilious. Their little daughter, walk around in the coffee shop, walked in front of me, he stopped, I made faces to her, she covered his face with a shy smile, really cute, I took up the pen on paper drawing a China ancient beauty head to her, she came the arm is very small, intimate trust on my legs, lean on me, I put the pen to her, let her have her paintings on paper he drew some lines, I asked her: what is this? She said, "it’s you."! Ah! I made an angry look, she was more happy, giggle. Is a very friendly and cheerful and very safe child. Not the feelings, it also will let the child heart become dark in front of me, sat a woman, back to me, on the phone, the phone, apparently her husband: how can you do like this, we have another big problem, face to face, not escape please come back, to make things clear, even if the divorce, we also need to meet to solve it? Why are you hiding from me? Child you do not see, do you say you do this father? Speaking of children, women were choking. Her child, a little boy was sitting on the opposite side of her, holding a cup of ice cream, about a spoon licking cream, look callous, like in front of the world and he has nothing to do, choking mother in front of him, he looked at the mother to look elsewhere to look, or wood. I watched him, waiting for his eyes and I met, then immediately to bloom a smile to him, do not know why, I always feel so callous and indifferent look, should not appear in a child’s face, he was startled, looked at me, in their own the seat tweaked a few times, took the body shrink down, he hid my dedicated to his smile, never connected with my eyes. This little boy, so far away, I can still feel the little inner world of gray and timid. )相关的主题文章:

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