Former French President elect Sarkozy

French presidential election primaries former president Sarkozy out of the original title: French presidential election primaries before President Sarkozy out of France in the 2017 presidential election in the first round of the right to vote in the first round of voting 20. The preliminary results show that the former Prime Minister Francois Fillon had become a dark horse after breaking the way ahead, opinion polls predict "". Former president Nicola Sarkozy was only third votes, missed the election. Fillon will be the second round of voting in the polls against the big hot, the current round of the vote of second of the Alan – – 27. According to Xinhua News Agency Sarkozy said it would withdraw from the early political campaign, Fillon relatively low-key, less than the polls and the support of the president of the United States and the United States and the United States and China, the United States and China, according to Xinhua news agency, said the withdrawal of public opinion in the early days of the. But with the two month long campaign gradually, Fillon showed "latecomers become the first" momentum, the support rate gradually began with Juppe and Sarkozy, but winning is not obvious racing together bridle to bridle. However, for the first time held in the French right-wing primaries, Fillon has pulled more than 44% of the vote on Juppe, the vote is about 28% of the vote, while Sarkozy is only about 21%. The rest of the four candidates were lower. French media generally believe that Fillon in the 3 TV debates in the eye, so to win a lot of voters. With no more than half of the 7 candidates, the race for the second round of voting will begin between Fillon and Mr Juppe. The winner will represent the largest French right Republican Party held next April French presidential election. After the first round of voting in the primaries, Fillon, 62, spoke to supporters, saying that many French people have been fed up with the bureaucratic system that has consumed them. "I was told that all the French, who is whether they choose, change is coming, France will rise." He said. Fillon’s old boss, 61 year old Sarkozy also announced his support for the end of the vote after the vote, and said it would withdraw from politics in the end of the year, said mr.. During his presidency, Fillon served as Prime Minister for 5 years under his command, Sarkozy. Sarkozy said: "I have a lot of respect for Alan, but Mr Francois Fillon’s political views are closer to me."." However, the media pointed out that Fillon supports the new liberalism in the economy, stressed that the government should relax the regulation and supervision of market, by slashing public to reduce government spending and reduce public spending, lower taxes, and Sarkozy is not the same point of view. Many media reported that Fillon’s victory in the news that the British lady Thatcher is the idol of the "", and the new liberal system pushed by the husband of is known as "the economics of the". On the social concept, Fillon is more conservative, is the traditional right. Fillon will continue to show to win doubt pollster OpinionWay in the first round of voting after the primary investigation, said they would support Fillon in the second round of voting in 56% of the 3095 respondents, 44% of people expressed support for Juppe. Fillon can win in the second round of voting, the answer is not sure. Fillon and Juppe are similar in their election campaigns, and the two have promised to ban the French from abroad to return to France, adding a further $7相关的主题文章:

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