Four month old baby boy was abandoned with hydrocephalus on the roadside (blurred vision)-vidalia

Four month old baby boy abandoned roadside hydrocephaly blurred vision in Suzhou too, there is a four month old boy abandoned children, suffering from hydrocephalus, but fortunately was promptly found. Who abandoned children, how the baby now situation? More than six points in October 8th evening, Taicang Itabashi police station received a report, some people found a cardboard box in Taicang Nanjing Road near the isolation belt, which lies a crying baby. In addition to some baby products, without any identity information about children in the box the police judge, the child may be abandoned by his parents, then, the police put the child back to the police station, but the baby eat has become the problem. Help him change diapers just when the father is a police Cao Yixin, can not drink milk baby do? At this time, the police reminded the Liuhe police station has a female police Wu Lingling has just become a mother, so he asked her for help. One of Wu Lingling’s breast milk is not enough, Itabashi police station who has found a jingsao, every morning collected two loving mother milk and then sent to the hospital. In the hospital, the doctor found that the child had congenital hydrocephalus, leading to blurred vision, only to produce a weak reaction to light. Doctor Jia Lishan told reporters that the child increased head circumference, eyes and a "sunset" sign, there is a full bregma. It’s mainly signs of hydrocephalus. At present, the orphanage also invited a nurse, responsible for the care of Xiao Wei, next, Xiao Wei also need further examination and surgery. Compared to these dedicated police, Xiao Wei abandoned person should not feel ashamed? And to be reminded that the abandoned child’s behavior is suspected of a crime, should bear criminal responsibility. Extended reading: 45 day old baby boy abandoned suitcase who left the note "family." (video has nothing to do with the article, for reference only)

四个月大男婴被遗弃路边 患有脑积水视力模糊 苏州太,有一名四个月大的男婴遭到遗弃,孩子患有脑积水,幸好被人及时发现。究竟是谁遗弃了孩子,小宝宝现在的情况怎么样了呢?10月8号傍晚六点多,太仓板桥派出所接到报警,有市民在太仓南京路的隔离带旁发现了一个纸箱子,里面躺着一个哇哇大哭的男婴。除了一些婴儿用品,箱子里没有任何关于孩子的身份信息,民警判断,这个孩子可能是被亲生父母遗弃了,随后,民警把孩子带回了派出所,可是宝宝吃喝拉撒却成为了问题。帮他换尿不湿的是一位刚刚当上爸爸的民警曹懿鑫,可宝宝没奶喝怎么办呢?这时,有民警想起浏河派出所有一位女民警武玲玲刚刚做了母亲,于是就向她求助。武玲玲一个人的母乳还不够,板桥派出所的民警们又找到了一位警嫂,每天早上收集好两位“爱心妈妈”的母乳再送到医院去。在医院,医生检查发现,孩子有先天性脑积水,导致他视力模糊,只能产生微弱的对光反应。医生贾立山告诉记者,孩子头围增大,还有双眼一个“落日征”,还有一个前囟的饱满。主要是脑积水这样的体征。目前, 福利院也请来了护工,专门负责照顾小佳伟,接下来,小佳伟还需要做进一步的检查和手术。相比于这些尽心尽力的民警,遗弃小佳伟的人难道不觉得羞愧吗?而且要提醒的是,这种遗弃孩子的行为涉嫌犯罪,是需要承担刑事责任的。扩展阅读: 45天大男婴被弃行李箱 身上留有纸条写着“全家叩谢” (视频与文章无关,仅供参考)相关的主题文章:

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