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"Growing up" surprise birthday party who will be the ultimate assessment [Abstract] China’s first file growth inspirational reality documentary "grow up" tonight 21:08 will continue to broadcast in Beijing tv. In this program, the teenagers to prepare a surprise birthday party, and Tibetan students cried together. Eighth notice: Glacier assessment or eliminated the teenagers and young Tibetan students together to celebrate the Tencent entertainment news Chinese first file growth inspirational reality documentary "grown up" tonight will continue to broadcast in Beijing TV 21:08. In this episode, the tender feelings of the Tibetan students prepared for the hand-made birthday cake, and surprise birthday party in the cafeteria. After the party, the teenagers will usher in climbing Mount Everest before the last assessment — time climbing karuola glacier. In the face of this test the most comprehensive quality of a pass, the young people can do physical and mental preparation, get the qualification to climb Mount Everest, can not help but look forward to. Teenagers are preparing a surprise birthday party and Tibetan students is embraced in this program, the boys holding handmade birthday cake for dinner in the dining hall of Tibetan students sent a surprise. See the boys specially prepared a birthday cake, the rest of life first birthday of the Tibetan students could not help wet eyes, touched and surprised, happy shows between the lines. Zheng Jialun lit the eighteen birthday candles, candle boys think back to this period of time and Tibetan students stay together morning and night, could not help but eventful. Shy introverted Lin Hao Kai said the Tibetan students for their care and acceptance, to bring the warmth of family has always been bad words to him; Chen Jiahe is feeling the Tibetan students have never had the feeling of a friend; "ability" Fan Yunfei embraced Tibetan partner tears choked, said "love each person here, simple, kind, warm." Mountaineering school learning is nearing completion, the boys here to harvest the most pure feelings, took away the best memories of life. With this heavy friendship of the young teenagers who will have what new insights? And these can support their training in the future more brave? Coming soon。 The young Zheng Jialun was eliminated or assessment of glacier why crying time climbing is a youth to get karuola glacier mountaineering qualification certificate, three assessment must be experienced in the last one, is also the most difficult one. Karuola glacier, an average elevation of 5600 meters, great wind and cold climate, far more than the difficulty before climbing training. However, this is Lin Haokai, Li Ziwen, Bi Fengkui last chance, only through the examination in order to get the success of climbing Mount Everest certificate. The skinny teenager in Lin Hao Kai has started climbing in the encountered problems, unable to grasp the climbing skills, and again from the glacier fall; and Li Ziwen as the only girl boy, why can let Zheng Jialun, Fan Yunfei two "ability" by "Wen brother"? Why say "I knew I had the desert"; early frequent complaints, a negative attitude in the rapidly growing fat experienced teammates isolated, silent in climb glaciers, let people sit up and take notice. But the high requirements of climbing on the arm, and chubby since the great success of the summit to really not easy. Chubby.相关的主题文章:

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