H7, T7 Chinese lapras for truck open Guangdong station zghd

H7, T7 Chinese lapras for truck open Guangdong station 2016 China truck open resumed, Chengdu Railway Station tasted wonderful, whether the race card on September 9th -9 in Guangdong on 11 September station more to look forward to? A truck F1 called China truck open, intense fighting as F1 events, bring not only the visual enjoyment of the truck engine roaring, brings the body sensory stimulation! According to the organizing committee, Karzai on September 9th -11 Grand Prix will be held at the Guangdong International Speedway is located in Guangdong city of Zhaoqing province. Compared with the Chengdu Railway Station, the venue again? Guangdong International Speedway is a full-featured, one of the domestic test vehicle test the most perfect professional, is a design with excitement and safety of the unique racing field, covers an area of about 18 thousand square meters (width 60mX length 300m), has the international standard three track, the track length of 2.82 km, the standard width of 12-15 meters start, straight and adjacent to the two corners of the width is 15m, with 5 left and 8 right handers, the maximum design speed of about 250kmh. 2016 China Truck open the reason to choose here to hold, is to highlight the characteristics of the video card car shock, cruel, exciting. The competition has 19 top players from home and abroad, the race of the car, in addition, the 4 European Truck race champion driver will continue to challenge the top driver in the country. One of the most impressive is the lapras team champion Adam Lacko and the popularity of "driver" Hou Hongning, they were driving the country is five 13L large horsepower car – H7 and T7 lapras lapras, the performance of the car truly unashamedly, previously in the first station in Chengdu Railway Station has excellent performance, gains in one fell swoop a number of awards domestic group champion, champion, runner up group 6X4 mixed group etc.. Known as "the most beautiful Chinese car long" lapras T7 card in Chengdu game blockbuster, with excellent performance and strong surging power performance and vehicle drivers, with the identity of PK professional production car racing, deduction of black color, won the 6X4 championship, its excellent performance, won the audience applause! Especially equipped with tailored Dongfeng Cummins ISZ13 liter 520 horsepower engine, with zero to 100 km accelerated only 65 seconds, power compared to other car is dominant. After the first card game of baptism, believe lapras T7 in Guangdong station in the performance of more worth looking forward to! At the same time, on behalf of car: another battle field champion lapras models H7, since last year to participate in the card game, by virtue of its excellent performance, becoming the game in a beautiful landscape, multiple interpretation of the legendary stadium, the annual card game in Chengdu Railway Station is gains in China as the champion, highlighting its the first high-end heavy truck dominance. A major feature on H7 is to have strong power configuration, Weichai 13 liters large horsepower engine, peak torque can reach 2500N.m, and collocation 12 gear gearbox and FS160 rear axle ratio (2.867), even in the face of the professional circuit, H7 can easily cope with lapras. Therefore, whether it is on H7 or T7, the "big horsepower!相关的主题文章:

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