Hefei residents dozens of dogs noise feces seriously affect the lives of neighbors popkart

The people of Hefei domestic dog feces noise seriously affected dozens of neighbors living room keeping many pet dogs in October 2nd, some people complained that Hefei Jieshou Road, happy people within the District, a home owner kept dozens of dogs, caused many problems such as noise, fecal pollution, seriously affecting the life of other owners. In this regard, the community property and community committee said it was true, the district police have repeatedly come, but because of the current law and regulations related to dogs is not perfect, the problem is still more difficult to deal with. Visit: Ten pet dog at home in the afternoon of October 2nd, Jianghuai Jianghuai morning, reporters came to the network reported the area, in the cell door, when the reporter knocked at the door, came a series of internal bark, a woman opened the door, immediately there is a small Teddy dog ran out of their homes. The reporter saw, the apartment is situated on the 1 floor, there are more than and 10 pet dogs, the home also stacked with several pet cage, a pet dog lying on the couch, more pet dogs barking at the door toward the door, the dog owner repeatedly restrained. "My family is a pet shop, right here." The house out of a woman surnamed Yu introduced, most pet dogs were placed in a pet shop, a small part is put in the home, "in fact, as long as there was no big movement, the dog is not called, and other owners also kept one or two dogs, as long as the call, the neighbors will depends on my." Ms. Yu said that she has been in the area for several years to raise a pet dog, after which there are not many complaints. Property: to persuade also called in the afternoon, the residential property owner Ms. Ren told reporters, for the owners of Mr. Ge couple dog in the area of behavior, they have long known, and has numerous door persuasion, but with little success. "Raising dozens of dogs, every morning and evening, with van pull the dogs, to the four River Road near the park around the dog, then the dog in the car for a road called area, then call back." Ms. Ren said, the reporter saw more than ten is just a part of, in addition, the owner is still within the district with a rope holding the dog, every time a hula, dog poo, dog owners do not actively deal with, "for their home floor cleaners, basically every day to clean the Voices of discontent.." In addition, the president also said that each unit cell downstairs are anti-theft door, but every time after repair will be ruined, it is estimated that in order to facilitate a large group of dogs in and out when the dog." "A lot of people are dissatisfied, but said no, I go to persuasion, he was also called family." Ms. Ren said that this property is also very disturbing, and even complaints everywhere, but has little effect. Police: escalation, strive for the joint law enforcement reporter then contacted area Bozhou Road police station, that is responsible for the area of the community police officer Chen, who is also in the morning with the street Bozhou Lu Park Juwei to treatment. Chen said the police officer, this has let him "two or three midnight sometimes scorched by the flames, and all district residents received telephone complaints, let me quickly," Chen said the police officer, he has repeatedly come into.相关的主题文章:

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