His wife was suffering from global rare encephalitis in a coma for two years to meet her husband nev-9c8921

His wife was suffering from global rare encephalitis coma husband never abandon a miracle for two years Ying husband never abandon Xiao Xu praise. Xiao Xu, 35, said he may not be a good husband – the most expensive clothes for his wife to buy less than $two thousand; married for 5 years without a wedding anniversary in Xiaoshan…… In the past two years, he has been waiting for his wife in a coma until she regained consciousness until she returned to normal adults from the age of one or two…… Well, she can now Taobao." Xiao Xu said, apply the words of Fu Yuanhui summed up the past two years, the ghost knows what he experienced". Rare cases of sudden global encephalitis less than three digits in March 8, 2014, everyone’s phone is lost to Malaysia Airlines news. "It looks like something is going to happen."." Watching the news, Xiao Xu was whispering, he now in retrospect, it is a prophecy. Not for a moment, his wife sent the message, "to the event, you run." Xu hurried to his wife’s unit, the first to find something wrong. His wife Xiao Hou sit in a chair, eyes without a look, "a calm, while crying at that, the people like to be out." Xiao Xu took his wife home, she later said, while twitching. In the face of Xiao Xu, there is only one word of concern: "to the event, you run." After the doctor’s diagnosis, Xiao Hou is suffering from "anti NMDAR encephalitis, Zhejiang University Hospital neurology department deputy chief physician Wang Kang said, this is an extremely rare encephalitis, early 2014 cases reported about two or three cases of the world, and Xiao Hou may be diagnosed the earliest in Zhejiang. This is actually a kind of immune encephalitis. Because the body produces an antibody called NMDAR that attacks the brain neurons and causes disease. Zhejiang University hospital gynecology director Qian Jianhua said, the hospital was carried out four times more than the MDT Department expert consultation, can always choose a dilemma if the operation, taking a great risk of the occupation; if not, only watched the small Hou toslideintotheabyss. His wife coma for two years, when he was a father and mother when the child was carefully designed a small scam eventually, the surgery was carried out smoothly. I did not expect that, after the operation of small Hou although convulsions reduced, but remain unconscious. And a coma is two years, when their children are only 1 and a half years, Xiao Xu both to work, but also with children, but also to take care of his wife lying on the bed. In order to reduce the impact on the child, he thought of a way, every time to see Aunt generation friends, colleagues, let his son called "mother". But the child’s dependence on the mother, and will not be Xiao Xu so carefully designed small tricks dissipated, others asked his mother in that, he would say that my mother in the hospital, he still knows." In addition, the economic pressure is not in every hour and moment required for drug rehabilitation, the price is expensive, more than two years, Xu Hua’s four million medical expenses a lot is borrowed from relatives and friends. Dr. Wang Kang said that foreign studies have found that the recurrence of this rare encephalitis for two years, otherwise it will leave serious sequelae. Xiao hou can resume very slow progress, which the family and the doctor’s patience and confidence have brought great test, once appeared.相关的主题文章:

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