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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews A hamper, in its original meaning, refers to the basket which is used to carry the articles. In the long standing tradition of some of the countries, the .munities of the people used to donate the items and kept it in a hamper; so that the same can be given to the desired person. The original purpose was essentially charitable. That tradition is still in the running and now we have many .panies offering these freebies or less value products as gift hampers to the people as a means of furthering their sales promotion effort. You might have seen many .panies offering the rewards in the form of free or discounted value of the gift hampers to the winners of the .petitions. These are given not just in the .petitions. Rather, these are also given to the guests and the near and dear ones on some special occasions. To make these really good Christmas gifts or New Year gifts or some other special occasion gifts, you shall keep in mind the following considerations: 1. A .plete set: If you are willing to give the toothpaste, then it is good to add the tooth brush in it. If you are giving something to drink like the wine, then you can also give something to eat as well. Similarly, there could be many such items which are left in.plete if the full set is not given. 2. Maintain uniformity of theme but variety in the products: Some organizations might be willing to offer a range of products as Christmas gifts. In their quest for adding the variety, they might make a Christmas hamper of totally unrelated gift items. This would look very strange to the guests and there are very good chances of your missing out something more crucial. So, it is desirable to maintain very good mix of products without .promising on the choice of right products as per the theme and also on the variety of products. 3. Gift hampers shall be cheaper than the cost of individual products in the market. If free gift vouchers are to be given then this shall be done with the prior permission of the .pany, before venturing into the same. Some sort of written understanding has to be done with the brand or the .pany whose products you are offering as the gift hampers. This is important since the .pany might like to check whether you are offering the products of the .petitors as well or not in the same package. 4. A Christmas hamper is a bit larger than the normal one and it might contain interesting items like some toys, canned food, wine, etc other items based on the same theme. The canned food items are long lasting and the same can be consumed even after some days. 5. The person to whom this is being given also forms an important consideration. A parents gift or a babys gift is also a factor to consider while designing the right product mix. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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