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Business Today’s organizations are faced with the challenge of attracting and retaining customers. The answer is customer service! This article will provide you with things you can do to improve customer service so that you can ensure customer satisfaction. Whether you’re an executive, a manager or a team leader, the following information will be beneficial to you. Keeping customers satisfied is essential to building a successful, growing business. While many companies work hard to increase sales, they may overlook the little things that keep customers happy and buying more. It is easier to accelerate your business by cultivating the customers you already have rather than constantly working to attract new customers. To take it to another level, when a company meets customer expectations, it is ensuring customer satisfaction. However, in this competitive marketplace when customers receive value or benefits beyond what they had expected, the company and the representative has delighted the customer. A truly delighted customer will be more loyal to your company and products than even a satisfied customer. Building a team of qualified representatives that can cultivate positive customer relationships is no small task. You can start to improve customer service in your organization by selecting employees with critical skills. This helps to establish and maintain the kind of customer oriented culture your industry demands. You should also remember that fostering outstanding customer service is every employee’s responsibility. Regardless of their position, every employee interacts with external or internal customers or both, and the impression they leave can make or break not only that sale but future sales as well. Some people hired into customer service positions lack the personality and the fundamental attributes essential to becoming top performers. In fact, many of those individuals hired for a given position may not even be suited for customer service. Others may have people skills, but are performing below expectations because they are in the wrong industry or do not fit well within their team. These factors reduce the number of customer service professionals from whom leaders can expect superior performance. Customer service assessments will help you select employees with the ability and temperament to enhance the reputation of your organization. Perhaps even more importantly, the assessments will help your organization establish and maintain the kind of customer-oriented culture your industry demands. Many customer service assessments are available in five versions – four that are specific to the areas of healthcare, finance, retail and hospitality, and one general edition that is suitable for any industry. Customer service assessments measure six behavioral tendencies and two proficiencies associated with excellent customer service. The behavioral characteristics (conformity, flexibility, empathy, focus, trust and tact) and the proficiencies (vocabulary and mathematics) will help you identify candidates with superior customer service skills and give you the information needed to coach and train existing employees for greater success. When you hire employees using assessments, you will populate your organization with people who will increase customer satisfaction, reduce complaints, build customer loyalty, increase sales and make significant gains in profitability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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