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In Shanghai, there is such a natural Sohu the tourism land of idyllic beauty on the memory of Shanghai, modern international metropolis, with the edifice, go to downtown, see the endless stream of people. There seems to be no connection with nature. Until here — Sun Island? The Thai town, like memory are wrong, the original Shanghai also has such a natural land of idyllic beauty. The first reward: a turret, leaning on a ginkgo, red turret, golden leaves leaves Cantabile, leaves a little bit the end of their journey, but it eventually changed to earth, and I will try to remember that the eternal moment. The early morning mist has not cleared, distant distance has eyes fixed time, lean on the grass with dew, a flock of geese River have been eager to start, only to know what fall over each other, excited. On the ground to pick up a weed, to lure the rich color of the goat, and was not reported to who knows what to expect, just pick up turned the moment, goat raised double hoof, the ride in the sheepfold bars, waiting in the corridor I Taisheng centre outside, let a person do not step footsteps. Clean the ground reflected in rows of potted plants, all in front of the intersection point, the brightest spot in the Chinese style decoration style of the corner rooms, clever use of mahogany cabinets the whole room two fan type One divides into two. mahogany, sliding screen will idle TV cover up, when customers want to the screen can be easily opened by watching tv. The hotel is located in the lobby of the main floor member of the restaurant, which provide health of small dishes Hot pot variety, from seafood, meat to vegetables and desserts to nuts snacks, Goods are available in all varieties. According to the waiter restaurant, the restaurant’s ingredients are mostly taken from the resort area health farm, all are green without adding ingredients, rich nutrition. A stroke: DAY 1:11 13 Suzhou – Shanghai Sun Island DAY 2:11 14 days to visit Sun Island resort, bumpy way about baggage on Sun Island resort: Shanghai Sun Island is located in the famous town? The Thai town of Zhujiajue near the city center, the distance is about 50 kilometers, is Shanghai’s only natural islands. The whole town is covered with lush greenery, covers an area of about 2400 acres and contains natural hot springs, let you stay in and enjoy the greenery, away from the noise of the city to relax the leisure time. Organic vegetables from the Thai farm their output, to let the body, mind and spirit to relax the health museum, and a variety of rich entertainment, Sun Island for you to rebuild life texture, open a new way of life. Traffic around the resort. There is no direct bus, car is recommended to downtown Shanghai, about 50 kilometers, about 60 minutes drive to the ShangHai Railway Station is about 55 kilometers, about 75 minutes drive to Hongqiao International Airport, about 40 kilometers, about 35 minutes drive to Pudong International Airport, about 90 kilometers, about 80 minutes drive to DAY 1 the most leisurely the usual holiday weekend, up early相关的主题文章:

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