Is praised Trump as the best enemy a strong support for the White

IS like Trump is a "best enemy": the strong support of the White House members of the Islamic state expressed the hope that the trump could believe the White House, trump will take America to self destruct". (source: original title: IS praised Trump as "the best enemy" strongly support the White House Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump ushered in a number of "most unlikely" supporters. According to the U.S. "foreign affairs" magazine website reported on August 27th, extremist organization Islamic state (IS) is the Trump cheer, expect him to win the election, because he often made controversial remarks the billionaire is the "best enemy", to help recruit more jihadists to complete the mission. Trump never made a secret of the Islamic state of the deep hatred, he repeatedly promised during the campaign after being elected president will make every effort to destroy the extremist organizations, such as additional 30 thousand U.S. soldiers involved in the strike, refused to rule out the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, the members of the Islamic state is not as expected or fear against the election of President Trump, on the contrary, they even look forward to support Trump in the White House, because they believe that trump will take America to self destruct". Recently, "foreign affairs" magazine reporter conducted a decryption analysis of the members of the Islamic state dialogue in the instant messaging software Telegram, and interviewed 12 current and former members of the extremist organization that strongly supports the election of President Trump. This group of extremists explained that they support Trump is a comprehensive consideration for many reasons. First of all, Trump published the anti Islamic rhetoric and the Islamic state of the world is split into two poles, the west is described with opposition to war with Islam fit; secondly, the Islamic state that Trump’s election will lead to the United States and Europe to become Muslim militants, "incentive" in the country launched the lone wolf terrorist attacks; third the Islamic state, supporters believe trump will is an unstable, irrational national leaders, he made impulsive decision would weaken the United States; fourth, the Islamic state believe that the first known prophecy that the West and the Islamic world in the northern city of Syria (Dabiq) "Darby g showdown", while Islamic the world will defeat the enemy, decisive victory. Tariq was a member of the Islamic state, recently switched to Syria rebels "Syria free army", he believes that Trump is the best enemy, because Trump issued a scathing remarks to provide an inexhaustible source data for the Islamic state propaganda machine. So far, Trump has appeared at least two times in the Islamic state propaganda video. Another recently defected to the Islamic state in the former IS members said Trump was elected president of the Islamic state, can let more easily justify a bipolar world description, "we are very pleased that Trump always made negative remarks about Muslims, in this way, he let the world see very clearly in the battle only opposition factions – Islamist and anti Islamic faction". An Islamic state into.相关的主题文章:

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