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"Jackie" Venice won the best screenplay   Natalie re plastic screen classic – People’s Entertainment Channel – People’s network Beijing time on September 11th morning, the high-profile seventy-third Venice Film Festival Grand closing. After fierce competition, from Mount Yi pictures BlissMedia produced film "Jackie" to deliver the goods, from the 20 talent shows itself best films shortlisted for the main competition, won the best screenplay award, and laid a solid foundation for the film won the Olympic road. "Jackie" won Best Screenplay won the Olympic potential is predicted to Beijing on September 11th morning, the seventy-third Venice Film Festival ended. For a period of two weeks, more than ten countries from the 20 film to offer a visual feast, many of whom are big stars, actors, directors of the sincerity of big. Eventually, after fierce competition, contest, by Xi Yi film making, BlissMedia produced genius director Pablo, directed by Oscar winner Ryan pull? Natalie? Portman starred in the movie "Jackie" won the award for best screenplay. Film Cannes, Venice two International Film Festival, both in the industry caused no small waves. The first seven minutes in Cannes detonated a global wave of panic buying, and then shortlisted for the main competition unit in Venice, a film premiere, but also make enough popularity. Foreign media predicted that the film will be a strong contender for the next Oscar. The quality of the production mode of Hollywood movies rely more heavily on the script, screenplay, and Oscar had the most best picture of the year from the best original screenplay and best adapted screenplay. Can be seen as the essence of the "Jackie" won the best screenplay award, won the Olympic Games is good sign on the road. "Jackie" by the "black swan" original "Harvard Gang" effort to build the Oscar winner Natalie? Portman offered to perfection. The film focus on the former U. S. President Kennedy was assassinated during a heavy mystery, showing only 34 year old Jacqueline Jackie? Kennedy face the pain of bereavement, the most vulnerable side is the most elegant. The critical moment she remained calm, ready to deal with political opponents. Previously, although the Kennedy assassination story has been repeatedly onto the big screen and invited to participate in various film festivals, but the whole story line in "Jackie", "Jackie" is "the first to eat crab", from the perspective of new have a high degree of certainty, let Jacqueline become the coordinate figure. "Jackie" is expected that winning zero bad reputation "Jackie" emerged in the 20 film, won the best screenplay award is well deserved. Local time on September 7th morning, the "Jackie" premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the film for the first time the film world unveiled, won the overwhelming praise in the media, the official publication of the Venice Film Festival, it is with 3.71 points high marks, beat time "journey", "war of heaven" etc. in the second film, films, after "Philharmonic city". Even with tough challenges.相关的主题文章:

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