Korean prosecutors exposure Park Geun hye – Sohu has filed a breach of privilege allowed cronies of happynewyear

Korean prosecutors exposure: Park Geun hye acquiescence of breach of privilege has its filing cronies – Sohu news November 19th, South Korea broke out in Seoul "cronies" interference in politics after the events of the fourth round of large-scale rallies, demonstrators chanted slogans demanding the president’s resignation park is responsible for the incident. China News Agency reporter Wu Xu photo of each donation company said the statement, if not to fear, the company will face the project approval blocked, tax inspection, and had to obey the requirements of Anne Jong et al. Prosecutors identified two fund association of personnel appointment and removal of the right hand control by Cui Shunshi, Cui Shunshi from the foundation and suction gold established the sports brokerage firm The Blue K, and the development of the construction of sports facilities under the auspices of Lotte and other large enterprises and monopoly revenue plan. As the common principal offender sued an alleged rape of Pohang Jong group’s stake in the company to advertising with Cui Shunshi. The modern automobile manufacturers, forcing acceptance of adsorbent has a relationship with Cui Shunshi’s 1 billion 100 million won supply. An Zhongfan also is suspected of helping other people involved in the car will be Cui Shunshi Enze’s entourage inserted into KT (Korea Telecom Company), forcing it out of 6 billion 800 million won big advertising. Prosecutors have An Zhongfan on the park’s specific instructions or acquiescence cues for Cui Shunshi breach of privilege for profit, and will concentrate on the investigation on the exact role of the park to play. Manual and to-do list prosecutors obtained Ann Jong records of the president on matters indicating the current project. If the park Geun Hye Cui Shunshi knowingly seek improper interests still holding a laissez faire attitude must bear legal liability.相关的主题文章:

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