More than two people injured site scaffolding collapsed car was trapped in the new network –

Construction site scaffolding collapsed injured two people trapped in the car smashed multiple unmanned Beijing – site scaffolding collapsed more than two people injured by car was no one was trapped yesterday at about 9, Chaoyang District Guangqu road and West Road intersection, a site 4 storey scaffolding collapse occurred in a large area (see figure). Two people injured, and smashed cars parked roadside. According to a number of workers on the scene, the cause of the accident should be caused by the scaffolding fixed contact fixed. Alarm fire department rescue, emergency evacuation, the scene no trapped. Chaoyang District government said in an official micro-blog, the accident caused two people were slightly injured, the reason is still under investigation. From the air down through the roof of reinforced the Beijing morning news reporters came to see the site of the incident, in the construction of the building about 20 meters high, the collapse of the scaffolding area over a hundred square meters, green safety net hanging in the air is not clean. The accident surrounding roads have been temporarily closed and cordoned off, the evacuation of all personnel. Fire, public security and other departments as well as the staff of the Beijing Construction Group rescue team is on-site investigation. According to witnesses, Mr. Mu said, when the scaffold collapsed as "Domino", in the reinforced its weight pulling down from top to bottom. Drop tube hit temporary housing and billboards in the downstairs, smashed the roadside parked vehicles, and at least a passing young woman injured. From the photo shoot Mr. mu, the reporter saw the injured young woman lying in the arms of another woman waiting for rescue, facial pain. Daily economic news reporter noted that the site of the incident is located at No. seven subway JiuLongShan Railway Station E mouth is above, and there are roadside bus station in Regal Court, so the staff is relatively dense. When people are waiting for the bus Xiao Zhou also witnessed the scene, "a good thriller, not what omen, above heard" rumble "by iron down. We quickly spread, surrounding several car smashed, but drivers are all right." From small photographs, many parked and private cars on the roads running "stick", at the top of a taxi or steel skewers. The heart of the fellow workers still suffering from the shock across the street, a group of just came out from the workers on the site of happened not long ago at the scene There were many discussions. Have the old horse while smoking a cigarette while sending a stay, "he said on site work, will be lucky". The horse was in the building work, "hear rumbling noise" went to the floor of the south to see half of the scaffold have been "ripped off". He listened to the workers said that there was a scaffolder scaffolding at work, someone with the shelf collapse also fell down. Reporters from several other people with similar claims, both said at the time on the shelf is the people, but there are a few people, falling to where and how the injury, not a word. Reporters learned that a large number of workers on the site at the time of the incident in the construction work, after all emergency evacuation. Twenty head of Xiao Yang told reporters that he is a scaffolder, he pulled the safety belt tied said, "really want to happen, this whole thing is useless." The entire site district two things there are 4 groups of this area is not the case, his group.相关的主题文章:

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