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Mrs. Hu Feng died of grief conjugal love 59 years children held 4 years ago, Hu Feng concert, his wife and three sons to support. Hu Feng and his wife from dating to marriage with more than half a century. Hu Feng praised his wife is virtuous character. Mrs Hu Feng, in recent years due to health problems, rarely attend public events with Hu feng. Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 14th news, according to Hongkong media reports, the 84 year old Hu Feng (brother of the Dutch wife Lu Xiu) the day before yesterday (October 12th) died, suffering from the pain of the death of his wife, Hu Feng grief. Lv Yonghe is Hu Feng’s first love, the two married in 1957, 59 years of love, children and grandchildren. It is reported that Lu Dutch earlier hospitalization, unfortunately, on the day before yesterday (October 12th) died, the funeral is scheduled for 18 days this month in the world set up the spirit of the funeral home, funeral for second days. Hu Feng yesterday (October 13th) reply to reporters through WhatsApp, said!" Hu Feng WhatsApp reply: heart, thanks! Lv Yonghe died the news yesterday (October 13th) came to contact Hu Feng, he replied: "the heart, thanks!" Grief. Hu Feng and Lv Yonghe have 3 sons and 2 daughters and a number of inside and outside the sun, there are more than and 10 circles inside the stem son and daughter. They have often in pairs, in recent years, Lv Yonghe rarely appeared in public last year with Hu Feng Gu Jiahuirong on the concert day, Lu Dutch spirit is good. In order to take care of his wife, Hu Feng did not come with the drama "one house Friends" actor to Taiwan shooting program "a house to travel friends". Marriage secret visit to Mrs. Hu Feng before accepting guilt, praised Mrs. Lu Dutch virtuous character. When Hu Feng hasn’t joined the showbiz, with her love. At that time, Feng Hu at the Christmas party reported good news, she met and fell in love. After that, Hu Feng joined the entertainment industry, had been her parents opposed, she was confident that he would support. Hu Feng after the line for the establishment of small image, film company boss told him not public affair, development work, to get married secretly, to his guilt to his wife. Mrs. Hu Feng has been urging him to appreciate in business efforts, in addition to xiangfujiaozi, then his clothing also serves as a guide, she didn’t pay attention to brand, but focus on the style is decent. (Ying Ying) (commissioning editor: small 000)相关的主题文章:

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