Nanjing metro line two West Extension Line 3 subway line to start bidding viper12a

Nanjing metro line two West Extension Line 3 subway line to start bidding Yangzi Evening News Network September 18th news (reporter Chou Huidong) for the advisory company of Nanjing subway 18 on the subway line north extension, line two, line seven extension project tender notice issued. According to the previous plan, the 1st line north extension and line seven will be started during the year. Rice No. two line extension and synchronous bidding, means that the line is expected to start early. A line extension of the north south of Maigaoqiao, North Bridge Park, the line length of 6.54km, where the underground line 6.04km, overhead lines 0.5km. Across the board a total of 5 stations, parking lot in 1. The new station is Xiaozhuang station, auspicious um station, station, station Yanziji Mountain Bridge Park Station and a bushel. Seven line starting point is located in the west of the bridge, the end is located in Xian Xin Road, a total length of 35.7km, all for the ground off the assembly line, the default site 26, including the transfer station of the 13, the 1 vehicle segment, the 1 car park. The station is: xishanqiao station, Luo Tong Street station, Gaomiao Road station, early Yong Road station, Yurun Road station, victory station, Xincheng Technology Park Station, east station, Station Road, stone street along the river station, Mochou Lake Station, cool hill station, Caochangmen station, PingGang Railway Station, ancient Fujian Road station, river village station, Huang Fang station, five Tang Plaza Station, kiln village station, Xiaozhuang station, Wanshou village station, Dingjiazhuang station, Jianshan Road station, Yao village station, yaohuamen station and Xian new road station. No. two line west extension line project east line two Youfang Bridge station, West to the mouth of the fish station, the line length of 5.6km, all off the assembly line, a total of 4 stations. Extension line fish mouth parking lot 1. At present, the specific site of the line has not yet been announced. The line in the previous line network planning is rarely mentioned, and finally into the planning and approval of the Nanjing subway in 13th Five-Year. Relevant industry analysts, the No. two line west extension line and the 1st line North River seven line synchronous start bidding, or means that this new line is expected to start construction in advance.相关的主题文章:

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