National People’s Congress to curb the law of Hong Kong Independence Hongkong hopes to quell dispute lm3886

Interpretation of law to curb Hong Kong Independence from all walks of life in Hongkong to quell the dispute original title: Interpretation containment Hong Kong Independence from all walks of life in Hongkong to quell disputes reporter Ling Detao Aoki Chen Su Jing real short a "New Youth Songheng tour Huizhen deliberately violate and beam oath, insulting the nation, the impact of the rule of law, also caused the anger. They violate the interpretation of law provisions, losing their seats, not as." The 7 National People’s Congress to 155 votes unanimously by the "National People’s Congress Standing Committee on the" People’s Republic of China Special Administrative Region of Hongkong basic law article 104th interpretation ", Hongkong SAR chief executive Leung immediately held a press conference, stressed that the government and the public in Hongkong to support the interpretation and comprehensive practical implementation. Hongkong public opinion that is called "green political double beam, ugly" tour ironclad deprived members eligible to request more than "Hongkong self-determination" members of the opportunity is not held the seat. Hongkong has issued a statement, saying that the people’s Congress interpretation of the law, reasonable, legal, constitutional, hope that through the interpretation of the law as soon as possible to quell the oath of the storm caused social disputes continue to make the situation, so that Hongkong back on track. However, "gained nothing against loss of one meter" Liang, et al. And on the evening of 6 tour organized opposition to incite violent demonstrations. Some western media have also made great efforts to hype these protests, saying that the concerns of the National People’s Congress release law to undermine the independence of the judiciary in Hongkong". In this regard, Li Fei, director of the National People’s Congress of Hongkong Basic Law Committee on 7 tough response, Hongkong did not violate the law, beyond the "judicial independence"; in accordance with the law to curb and combat the "Hong Kong Independence" forces and other issues, the central unequivocal, no mercy.   Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:

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