Navigator Guo Sichuan lost 20 days students said never put him as a hero

Navigator Guo Sichuan lost 20 days: students said never his hero when the original title: looking for captain Guo Chuan Guo Chuan in 20 days of simple and romantic words and deeds, to pioneer, pushed open a door facing the sea. He is known as "the reality version of juvenile pi". Behind the eyes, the eyes of the masses are determined to achieve their own self determination and rewrite the history of the sea tide of honor, a group of people who continue to embrace the sea, but also by the ocean. Sailing in the river. Pictures from the network, the Beijing News reporter Li Xingli Intern Huang Chibo | editor Hu banner | proofreading Lu Aiying? "China? Qingdao" has been floating in the North Pacific for 20 days. In November 11th, a team of four French ocean – going sailors made up for her. In Guo Chuan lost after 20 days, the latest news shows, in the "Qingdao" on the right side of buoy rear, found the safety rope buckle fracture. This proves that Guo Chuan in the water, not only wearing a life jacket, but also tied a safety rope. From the United States, San Francisco, Shanghai, two, between the "Golden Mountain", is a sea of 7000 nautical miles apart from. This is the "Qingdao" Captain Guo Chuan launched another challenge – single non-stop across the Pacific, is expected to use about 18 days. After starting 5 days, Guo Chuan on the afternoon of October 25th, in the waters near Hawaii lost contact. Was confirmed to fall into the water. "You’ll be a marine hero." Recently, Zhu Yuetao, deputy director of the Qingdao Municipal Tourism Bureau, always think of 12 years ago, when the first cooperation with Guo Chuan said. 12 years later, he said to peeling onion (WeChat ID:boyangcongpeople), Guo Chuan reached the realm, "than I expected the hero to be much higher." 51 year old Guo Chuan is the two world record holder. He has created a world record of 40 foot sailing, uninterrupted global navigation and the Arctic Ocean (northeast). Guo Chuan entered the ocean at the beginning of China’s modern sailing, and he started his sailing career as a miniature of Chinese modern sailing. Behind him, the eyes of the public is determined to achieve self determination and rewrite the history of maritime history surging, a group of people who continue to embrace the sea, the sea has changed. Zhu Yuetao, a lonely, pure guy, "Hero" by Enriquez, is lying in the’s computer. Guo Chuan lost contact, he listened to over and over again. It was the second day of the voyage, the music video of the video. In October 19th, starting from San Francisco, across the Pacific, originally planned to arrive in Shanghai — Guo Sichuan November 5th or 6 days to 20 days or less, "Maserati" fleet in Italy to break the world record. "There have been 11 Maserati", "Qingdao", only Kawa Kazuhito. Zhu Yuetao wasn’t worried about the voyage. He served as the 2008 Olympic Sailing Committee General Secretary, in his planning and participation, 2004 – 2006, Guo Chuan as the image of the city of Qingdao on behalf of the "Qingdao", the obligation of driving large sailing voyage, along the route of the Olympic publicity, has finished 2相关的主题文章:

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