Not the same as how! My love is cool to do the old style restorator

Not the same as how! My love is cool "old style" say "as new clothes, so are old, fine fabric crisp new clothes is perfect is the mainstream, but still has a number of fashion lovers have to go on the road after" not perfect ", he (she) who love to do the old sense of the object, the more care about this by their cause," the one and only traces of use". Since love this "old" style, something all right my mother began to abandon my clothes and shoes. "You see you this jacket, collar gonethroughthe!" "Why did the new bag you bought yesterday look old?" This pair of shoes dirty like that, I give you to brush!" As a keen to try new things young people, I found this looks a bit "dirty" Style inadvertently, then a get out of hand, become a retro style of old iron, this feeling if you have to use a word to describe, that would be "better the new clothes, not old.". Know that this style is not everyone can enjoy, but still want to Amway to you – big bag, although it is good, but I only love the sun and the air in the leather and fabric left, a unique trace. "Old" must be "dirty"? The most common "old traces" to oxidation discoloration number of material produced with vegetable tanned leather using time. As a simple example, we are familiar with the Louis Vuitton monogram and checkerboard style, is to use the material to do the vegetable tanned leather strap, and the handle at the side of the skin with oil. A fade process (right most feeling should be used dirty) so we see new bags in the store, handle and shoulder straps are usually white or pale yellow, used in a period of time, will be gradually oxidized into an elegant honey color, in some luxury shop selling two hand this is true. Comparison of discoloration before and after if you went to see Louis Vuitton exhibition, it is not difficult to find the brand proud, this is specific to each person "traces", LV will encourage everyone with their own style. In particular, "traces" is not equivalent to "use it dirty", but not "wear sloppy"! It’s really a place where so many people misunderstand… , there will be some people think that this is not the old cortex or clothes do not need to do too much, on the contrary is the need for professional maintenance and washing, in order to maintain the unique texture. The maintenance of proper planting more flexible and durable leather not only Louis Vuitton in the bag used to change the tanned leather, there are a lot of love "traces" of the brand, in the factory manufacturing directly gives some single product "old" setting, make use of traces of lovers (small stone I have sauce) wild with joy. Love to "make the old trace"? Look at these brands. Golden Brand from Italy Goose Deluxe Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, the main industry is manufacturing clothes and bags, but a lot of people know this brand, or because this pair of stars and?相关的主题文章:

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