On the west, pan Haibo heart Diaoyutai Sohu Tourism cosmax

On the west, pan Haibo heart Diaoyutai – Sohu tourism for the city, lived for thirty years in Hangzhou, since that is very familiar with, but also has been proud of; I know it is right, many people even dreaming away. This expression is not an exaggeration, in the days of the road, often receive such a sigh: you Hangzhou good place, really want to go to West Lake ah…… I am happy to hear that I have to admit that the pursuit of extraterritorial travel in recent years, for home, is ignored. Recently, as an opportunity, to the "West review", think about is indeed a pleasure. [the West] review articles at night, dazzling. From the bright west lake, from the Qian Tang River, from Songcheng through the ages. Songcheng, the capital of the Six Dynasties tribute Ling’an, Hangzhou is already a name card. The original imitation made "the capital of the Southern Song", the most wonderful thing is that the name is "Songcheng eternal love" large-scale performances. The Palace dance, folk song, historical allusions, on that glorious memories, a stage, I call it the "grand nostalgia"; of course, the most evocative, or Jiangnan unique performance, long dock tea, West Lake boating…… I believe that many people will have a similar experience in the daytime, including me. A few hours ago, the sun was just. Sir Georg Solti side, Kissinger was sitting on the boat slowly set sail. Shuiguang glittering ripples, gently, sunshine, the lake reflected the golden light, like Bai Suzhen’s skirt of gold powder, fine, blinking, as if to tell a wonderful touching story. The charm of West Lake, had to face in poetry, although the name, but she is still as in the past to static beauty, quiet beauty interpretation of Jiangnan elegant silk tenderness. The seasonal scenery known, West Lake seasons are magnificent, as Mr. Su said, regardless of gracefulness, she is always so pleasant, Kingston where. Until late autumn, winter is coming. Now I look forward to the "next Baiyun landscape," the next rain hat hemp fiber of bamboo, Upasaka sit stool. [Qian Tang] sea fishing article prosperous since ancient times, the West and still, so, how do you willing to rush to hurry and go? For Hangzhou, Fu railings, reading, money flows, Xixi step three, not happy? I just mentioned the opportunity, is studying, scenery, linger stay, because refined such as "villa" in general, will be more intimate, love city reason and opportunity. Hangzhou oceanwide Diaoyutai Hotel "turned out", it is such an opportunity. The two towers, bridges took afar, like a calm atmosphere of the golden gate, stands on the banks of the Qian Tang river. The lobby of the hotel style square column high ceiling, but with a lot of Gong Tinghong color and quality of copper, into which the intuitive feeling is magnificent, complemented by polite and friendly greetings, immediately gives people a feeling of prestige. Unique place is the sea, Diaoyutai lobby and the impression of the hotel lobby is usually completely different, is Chinese traditional courtyard "three" structure; spatial progression, but not a single longitudinal cut, but cross into the courtyard transverse corridor, a layer of day相关的主题文章:

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