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Game player: hearthstone is the strength and luck seriously you lose — Sina hearthstone area throughout the carnival event, from the Russian boy Pavel is undoubtedly the biggest winner, not only won the game player was given pride, "four virtues" each, have to say, look at the way of his promotion of the beat Druid, but let the game player become increasingly skeptical of today’s blue Longde really so terrible? Of course, many game player will recognize the strength of Pavel, but many will silently Tucao his chosen people ", admittedly, when luck and strength came together, the champion is also not far away, but we may have to admit, hearthstone as a card game is so, a lot of the time you have lost seriously…… The strength of the players can not win, but win must be powerful; and can also think so, lucky people do not necessarily go to the end, but go to the last person must have luck…… Think carefully, these years we are rare in the so-called "luck" central tournament last year, K God rely on God pumping old driver Jedi comeback, and toward God is pumping whirlwind show slave war charm…… None of this would have happened if it hadn’t been for luck, but it seemed to have no luck…… Of course, the only sure coexistence of luck and strength, but do not want to argue over luck strength each accounted for few, because most of the time it is unclear…… A lot of time on a lot of start is destined to end, because the two sides of the card sequence gap is too big, who will change the result is the same, then we certainly can not determine the strength, if the judge a person’s strength, often need to how many times on the inspection, even if the data can not reflect everything, but the so-called as the probability of a lost coin ", only try more times, the results will be more accurate! But the play is so cruel, only to watch a few games or, due to the low frequency, then the probability tends to be very accurate, single from the result of the game to determine who is more powerful and also very accurate…… ThijsNL is a typical example, although the group stage double defeat eliminated, although also have their own mistakes, but who can deny the strength of ThijsNL? In addition, like Kolento, Lifecoach and other famous players even Carnival qualifications are not taken, only sigh of luck, annual carnival events are in the game but make snap figure, is so cruel, a lot of people really just lost to the so-called "luck", but it can change what? Similarly, when we rub furnace stone, will have good luck and bad luck that points back will throw the keyboard game player must have a lot of desire, or scold loudly to the dealer, but it can’t change what…… Think about it, or put a flat state of mind, to do their best to win, who really is the operator said, we can change what? Calm, calm, or need to continue calm, perhaps incredible.相关的主题文章:

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