Preview Beijing Xinjiang old friends gathered Liaolu trapped crisis is not optimistic

Preview: Beijing Xinjiang old friends gathered Liaolu trapped crisis is not optimistic about the first page: Xinjiang Guanghui VS Beijing Shougang 2016-2017 season CBA League in Beijing in October 29th opened the curtain, the opener between the defending champion Sichuan team and Beijing team Beikong, the remaining nine games were scheduled for October 30th. The first round of the biggest highlight of course is the Xinjiang team and Beijing team battle, 2013-2014 season, Beijing team defeated the Xinjiang team won the championship in the finals, the Beijing team in the first round of the playoffs last season, Xinjiang team was eliminated, the two teams of enenyuanyuan, so this battle is popular. A joint return of CBA, the first round may be due to the issue of registration can not debut, see the Guangdong team in the absence of the Arab League in the case of what level of play, can beat Shanxi team. The following is the analysis on the nine games: Xinjiang Guanghui VS Beijing Shougang Xinjiang team and Beijing team against the history of 54 times, the Xinjiang team record of 31 wins and 23 losses, including the playoffs 20 clash, two teams to win 10 games. Xinjiang team last season regular season record of 30 wins and 8 losses, ranked in the standings in the standings, the playoffs were swept out of the semi-finals of the Sichuan team in. The new season, the Xinjiang team of foreign aid signing has played in both the United States and Europe Adams, and foreign aid bratzel renewal. In terms of domestic players, went Liu Wei, Tang Zhengdong, and so on, and so on, and so on, the introduction of the players, such as the players, such as the players, such as Sun Tonglin, Luo Xudong, Wang Lei, Liu Shunan. Looking at the CBA depth of the Xinjiang team is almost the most, each location has sufficient rotation players, relatively weak point guard position slightly, especially the distal single foreign aid can only play the case. Zhou Qi this summer in the NBA draft in the two round of the Rockets were selected, although temporarily unable to join the Rockets, but the Rockets will send a team to Xinjiang with the individual teacher Zhou Qi of a season, the promotion of Zhou Qi will help, the Xinjiang team will follow the benefit. Xinjiang has been a huge investment in the past few years, but has been missed with the championship, in October they won the Asian Cup in 2016, broke the 14 years without the title of the curse, which is a positive signal for the new season in Xinjiang. Beijing team last season regular season record of 23 wins and 15 losses, ranked in the first place, the first round of the playoffs by the Xinjiang team out of the playoffs. The new season Beijing team signed Duan Jiangpeng from the two teams promoted Zhang Zhuo, Zhang Yuhe Duan Hongrui, Huang Haibei and Chen Shidong retired, Xia Yutong moved to beikong. Overall, the Beijing team did not change, double foreign aid or Marbury and Maurice, the lineup or Yue Sun, di Xiaochuan, Zhu Yanxi, Duan Jiangpeng, Ji? Join the increased firepower Beijing team outside. The Beijing team is a jump shooting team, inside Maurice, Zhu Yanxi, Ji? Have projection capabilities, however, in addition to Maurice, other players inside do not have low technology, it is difficult to hit the basket. Marbury is the absolute core of the Beijing team, the new season may be the last season of the veteran career was born in 1977, Marbury can play much heat is a question. From the strength point of view, Beijing inferior to the Xinjiang team, especially inside the line, attack)相关的主题文章:

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