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Games Civil War Drinking Game is an alternative of the standard Beirut or beer pong drinking game although it involves bigger teams, faster action and a considerably more concentrated intake of alcohol. In this drinking game, two teams of four or more players .pete against each other by lining up on one side each of a big table. A diamond shaped rack of four cups is placed in front of each player and about one beer and a half is evenly poured into the triangle rack. Before the Civil War Drinking Game drinking game starts, a coin is tossed and the team that wins the toss gains an advantage. This team is given three ping pong balls and the other team is given one. A countdown occurs and there is shouting of the words Civil War by all participants. Each team makes an attempt at throwing the ping pong balls at the rack of the opposite team with no particular turns taken. Each team can shoot either as fast as they can or as slow as they can. When the ping pong balls land on any cup the cups are removed. The idea of the cups is that they represent the life of the player. If the ball is made, the owner of that cup is out of the game and they have to finish the beer in that cup. Should all the cups of one team be removed, then they are out of the game or are dead and the team that eliminates all their opponents first the winner. This team then has the advantage in the next game. Civil War Drinking Game can have many variations and rules as well as terminologies. Participants are allowed to all shoot at one particular players cup in an attempt to eliminate them if they can. This is a speed beer pong game where every player has their own sets of cups to protect. The elbows of the person shooting must always be behind the edge of the table when shooting and bounce shots will not count. During Civil War Drinking Game should you accidentally block a ball that is .ing to your cup while you are reaching out to get another ball, you will have to drink one from of your cups. Also when two balls are made into the same cups before the player picks the cup and drinks, the player must then take another one of his cup and drink from it. This game can last for up to three hours and you might consume more beer than you thought possible. Civil War Drinking Game has been equated to a rugby version of the game that goes on while beer pong is the original version of civil war that is a football game that breaks between plays. People who have played the beer pong game will find that it is not so difficult to learn how to play the civil war game. This is a game that depends on the skills of participants as well as their patience and endurance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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