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Still studying your baby’s sign? You out! Baby look at the temperament! There are many young mothers and fathers of the Sohu often have such a question: why do babies sleep less than other children of the same age? Why he will not suck, the size of the law? Why give the baby to add new foods often vomit? Why is he at home very cheerful, generous, and to a strange place is often shy, nervous and afraid? Why is the mood of the baby big, often crying? This is related to the child’s own unique temperament. The definition of temperament is a unique and normal behavior pattern in various situations. Temperament is one of the psychological characteristics of human being, which is mainly manifested in the dynamic characteristics such as strength, speed, stability, flexibility and so on. In addition, the temperament is innate, each baby has its own unique temperament. Temperament has relative stability, such as an active, full of go baby will not suddenly become quiet, not love baby. Temperament also can be acquired by environment and other factors to guide to change slightly, like a shy, back baby, through proper guidance, can be a bold and cheerful baby; temperament is not good or bad, and there are two aspects of positive and negative. Temperament types of children’s temperament can be divided into easy to raise type, difficult to raise type, start slow type and intermediate type. Easy to keep the baby activities of daily life have the law, for the stranger, new toys and other new stimulus response to changes in the environment actively to adapt to fast, moderate and positive emotional reaction to. The law is not difficult to raise the baby activities of daily life, it is difficult to grasp the adult hunger and urine and their daily routine, the new stimulus is withdrawn, avoiding environmental changes after failing to adapt to the slow, strong emotional reactions and negative. Slow start of the baby, the initial response to the new stimulus is not strong, withdrawal avoidance, adaptation slower, low response intensity, more negative emotions. Intermediate baby, between the above three. According to its characteristics, it can also be divided into the middle and easy to maintain type and the middle difficult to raise type. On the basis of temperament type parents can be judged from the following nine aspects of children’s temperament types: 1 levels of activity during sleep, baby playing, eating, dressing, bathing and other physical activities in the situation. Lively some baby, ready to jump, full of go, jump, run; some children love games and sports quiet, easy care. 2 regularity of daily physiological function (hunger, sleep, stool) regularity. Some baby life is very regular, have a fixed time feeding, sleep and stool every day; some children living law is weak, more casual. 3 phobotaxis (initial response) to the new environment, in the face of the baby first reaction characteristics of strangers, to new things to stimulate, is active to accept or shrink from. Some children see strangers Zilai Shu, in the new environment in bold, easy to accept new things; some treasure]相关的主题文章:

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