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The 11 day: morning Marshal warriors star Baotuan heat small Miss 6-8 weeks – Sohu P. Josh – Richardson         Beijing September 11th, Hugh NBA season continues, this morning the main news as follows: Miami teenager injured 6-8 weeks after Miami Miami guard Josh Richardson because of a partially torn medial collateral ligament in his right knee and he is expected to be sidelined for 6 to 8 weeks. Richard is the 15 round of the second round of the rookie of the year, averaging 6.6 points per game last season, 2.1 assists, he played a big role in the defensive side, to help the heat in the last season, the success of the team in the 1.4 round of the game, the game is the first time in the last round of the world cup in the United States, the United States and the United States in the second round. Although Richardson is not the main force, but he is a stable substitute, defensive area covers two to three positions. Richardson said he did not need surgery, but in the next two weeks to avoid the weight of the body. Richardson is in a training, to dunk, the knee sprain when landing. The heat’s new season training camp will begin in September 27th, the regular season opener in the opponent for the Orlando magic in October 26th, if recovered smoothly, Richardson is still very hopeful to catch up with the start of the new season. Marshal warriors coach Larry – former star Baotuan NBA Brown recently spoke with Kevin Durant to join the warriors, not interested in him to star group. Brown said: "the best team players play together won’t make me feel excited, I do not love the best players in the team, I think Jordan, Larry bird, Bill Russell or Magic Johnson will not do so. But the alliance is moving in the direction of the group, which makes me uncomfortable." Brown had coached several teams in the NBA, Philadelphia 76 people, Detroit pistons, New York, Nicks and the previous Hornets, and led the pistons in the past 04 years, a total of career wins in the game of the year. Knight training contract to sign back from the start of the new season is 46 days, the Cavaliers still adjust the lineup, according to various sources, the Cavs to camp signing defender John Hollander Hollander, from Boston University, was undrafted in 2011. Nearly four years spent in the Europa League and NBDL lower league last season, the Cavaliers affiliated development alliance team, Hollander averaged 16 points and 3.1 boards and 2 assists, Hollander or the Puerto Rico National team players. The Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith did not renew xiangbote suspected of drunk driving, the new season could face a ban. (CHE)相关的主题文章:

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