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The "double ten day" before Cai Yingwen shouted: the two sides should as soon as possible to sit down and talk – Sohu news in Taiwan tomorrow (10 days) will hold a "double ten day" celebration, leader Cai Yingwen recently frequently through the media and public propaganda, to China. This afternoon, Cai Yingwen attended the "Four Seas get-together" speech to the cross-strait relations, so that the 7000 compatriots "trust", she also said the two sides should sit down and talk as soon as possible, to solve the problem through dialogue. Cai Yingwen reiterated that the two sides should sit down and talk as soon as possible comprehensive Taiwan media reports, Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen, Dean Lin and the Legislative Yuan Su Jiaquan today at the Taipei arena hosted the "four seas gathering". Cai Yingwen said that the government is the first to guide the market reform, including support five and two industries, such as machinery, intelligent Internet, biotechnology, "defense", green energy technology and the circular economy, and the most promising new energy. Cai Yingwen went on to take the initiative to mention, she knows that we are very concerned about the development of cross-strait relations, "please rest assured," government commitment, is committed to the establishment of consistent, sustainable and predictable cross-strait relations, maintain peace across the Taiwan Strait and the Taiwan democratic status "commitment, goodwill unchanged". Consistent with previous interviews with foreign media, Cai Yingwen reiterated her "principles", "not under pressure, nor will they go back to the old ways."". Cai Yingwen also said again, she believes that the two sides should sit down as soon as possible to solve the problem through dialogue. Cai Yingwen request the presence of overseas Chinese two tasks; one is to cultivate young overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese children and strengthen the hometown link. Two is the overseas Chinese people to become please "Taiwan folk" diplomatic "ambassador", let the world see Taiwan most, the most abundant element. Cai Yingwen said, in fact, the future development of Taiwan, we can help her, please use Chinese overseas contacts, introducing industrial cooperation or cultural exchange opportunities for Taiwan, let Taiwan and the world more closely, but also hope that overseas Chinese consider returning to invest in Taiwan, the concept of new technology and brought back to Taiwan, together with Taiwan through "the social and economic transformation in the most critical moment". The "Four Seas gathering" by the overseas Chinese Affairs Commission organized by the Taiwan authorities, according to statistics, there are more than 7000 people attended, including Taiwan compatriots, to learn Chinese in common in the island and returned overseas Chinese organizations. The Commission said that this year, regardless of the island or overseas, or to participate in the "ten" held a grand celebration of a series of activities, there is no difference in previous years. The KMT Legislative Yuan caucus not to attend the Democratic Progressive Party: not to attend the recently "double ten celebration" mischief in Taiwan tomorrow China debut, the KMT Legislative Yuan caucus total call Liao Guodong said today that the KMT decided not to attend. The Democratic Progressive Party Parliamentary caucus Secretary General Wu Bing? Immediately responded, resistance can resist to act well. Morning Liao Guodong said in an interview, the KMT decided not to attend the celebration of the past ten, the KMT, the DPP to attend the conference but not, therefore, the decision not to attend. He said, mainly because the DPP does not respect the minority party, and the Democratic Progressive party opposition period, also do not live in ten)相关的主题文章:

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