The next five years, Nanjing will be a veritable metropolis of 1 hours tinyos

In the next five years, Nanjing will be a veritable metropolitan rail transit network for more than 1 hours, the more dense the weaving, the shorter the space and time between cities. The opening of Nanjing city in October 31st fourteenth Party Congress report pointed out that the next 5 years, Nanjing will vigorously promote the south along the high-speed rail, high-speed rail, Ninghuai port railway and other key projects completed, Nanjing, Ma Ning expressway expansion project, completed Liyang high Xuancheng expressway. City Transportation Bureau Director Chen Lei said, Nanjing Jurong intercity construction will start in the "13th Five-Year" period. It can be predicted that the next 5 years, with the rapid development of many high-speed rail, highway construction, Nanjing city circle of 1 hours will be true. A Ning Ju City Rail "13th Five-Year" during the start of Nanjing to Jurong in just half an hour Chen Lei said, Ning Ju intercity rail transit project will start in 13th Five-Year, with the construction of "Yangtze Jiangcheng group". The intercity line length of approximately 35.418 kilometers, the horses began boarding Center (with Metro Line 2 transfer). According to the previous plan, Ning intercity along the site 12 at the beginning of sentence: from the beginning by the white horses, Shuiqiao station, kylin Town station, the eastern outskirts of the town station, Suoshi village station, houjiatang station, west station, Tang Quan Tang Town station, Tangshan station, HuangMei Railway Station (FengHuangCheng Railway Station), gold dam station and Jurong station. However, due to the project has just been put on the agenda, the final determination of whether there are changes in the site and line adjustment, is still unknown. Currently, driving from Nanjing to Jurong takes more than 1 hours. After the completion of inter city rail transit, Nanjing to space and time will be greatly shortened. B Ning Huai railway project feasibility plans next month to start Nanjing to Huaian as long as 1 hours in addition to Nanjing to Jurong to Huaian Nanjing convenient, it will be more convenient. Ninghuai feasibility study of railway engineering work plan in December 1st this year, the end of May 31st next year. After completion, Nanjing to Huaian as long as 1 hours. Ning Huai Railway North even Huaiyang Town Railway Station in Huaian, Jinhu, Xuyi, via Hongze, Anhui Tianchang, Liuhe, South to Nanjing north station, and further extends southward through the door, Shangyuan Guojiangtongdao access to the NanJing Railway Station. Design speed target value of 250 km and above, the line length of about 200 km. The industry believes that the construction of Nanjing Huaian railway passenger dedicated line, is conducive to Huaian as a railway hub in Northern Jiangsu, Huaian, Suqian, accelerate Lianyungang, Yancheng city and the capital of Nanjing’s rapid access ability, give full play to the capital city of Nanjing on the northern Jiangsu area radiation lead role, is of great significance to promote the development of Jiangbei district. C promote the south along the high-speed railway construction to expand the scope of the Yangtze River delta 1 hour city circle south along the intercity railway in Jiangsu province is planning a path along the South Bank of the Yangtze River to connect Nanjing to Shanghai, mainly in the Yangtze River Delta area of the city and intercity railway traffic both domestic long-distance railway transportation railway line. Formerly named town railway line planning, starting from Nanjing, via Jurong, Changzhou, Jiangyin, Zhangjiagang, Changshu, Taicang and Shanghai. Once the south along the inter city railway built, coupled with the opening of traffic.相关的主题文章:

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