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The number of passengers falling million yuan of property returned to the original title: the kind of brother picked up a few million passengers falling property returned to the kind of brother picked up Chinese daily news (reporter Zhang Chao) with more than 20 thousand cameras and 60 thousand yuan cash, IOUS and other belongings bag accidentally left behind in the taxi, the brother found the night after the return of Yuxiang taxi company. In November 2nd, the owner Mr. Hu just woke up only to find lost things, could have fortunately recovered. The evening of November 1st at 8:40, Baoji Yuxiang Taxi Co. driver Guo Jian in the people’s Park received 2 passengers, they will be sent to the west near the South entrance. After getting off, brother Guo Jian found the back seat and put a black backpack, unable to contact the owner, then he will return to the company overnight bag. The company inventory found that the package contains 20 thousand yuan in cash, cameras, identity cards, charging treasure, toiletries, and a total of 60 thousand yuan worth of ious. The company quickly through WeChat and media platform to find the owner. The early morning of November 2nd, when Mr. Hu to pack items, they found little containing valuables backpack, send him home, friends said they ask for a taxi invoice when you get off. They were busy query by yunguanchu, finally made contact with the taxi company yuxiang. "The company said I picked up something, is looking for me, I am particularly pleased and grateful. Brother master income is not high, in the face of the property was unmoved, lost money move to admire." The owner Mr. Hu said, the evening of 1, he returned to Baoji from the field, welcome friends to drink a few, then he put the backpack in a taxi, but fortunately encountered what kind of brother, penny, to avoid the loss of property. Baoji Yuxiang car rental company staff Chen Shaobing said, like this Shijinbumei good every year there will be a lot of, whether it is cash or goods, will be the first time to submit the company’s brother, sister found, these things are basically found the owner, the company will promptly notify the driver of this kind of good praise and reward. If you take the taxi company accidentally lost items, you can call the 0917-3574606 promptly recovered items. In addition, WeChat also through public number: bjyx_taxi timely release of information lost and found. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章:

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