The typhoon catfish approach Quanzhou fishing unusually busy unloading ship to fishermen solid Beiji-t420s

The typhoon "catfish" approach: Quanzhou fishing unusually busy unloading ship to fishermen solid Beijing Beijing in September 26 Quanzhou Xinhua (Liao Jing) "the seventeenth typhoon this year," catfish "will seriously affect the southeast coast of Chinese, causing a serious impact on the coastal city of Quanzhou, the sea farmers must be good fishing row reinforcement; 26 before 22, the sea and all personnel must be evacuated ashore, all sea ships must return to harbor all." 26, Fujian Jinjiang Shanghai National Center for fishing, fishermen are carefully watching the weather news. The Central Meteorological Station 26, 18 continue to publish yellow warning, "catfish" is gradually close to the coast of Taiwan, is expected to visit South Central Taiwan on the 27 day, and will seriously affect the southeast coast of China. But the 26 day is still in Quanzhou, the sun is shining, the highest temperature reached 32 degrees celsius. Jinjiang Shenhu fishing port, belonging to the National Center for safe harbor, cover an area of 500 thousand square meters, can be more than 250 horsepower at more than 1 thousand fishing boats in key areas is therefore anti typhoon. The fishing boat is unusually busy, some fishermen are stepping up the unloading, net. Liao Jing Photo Day 15:50, Beijing reporter arrives at the port, not encountered before before the typhoon but the sun is shining, It’s raining and blowing hard., just the wind increased. The harbor, fishermen busy, or unload goods, repair or drying nets, or repair ships, dock, electric motorcycle, truck, tractor shuttle stop fishing. Shenzhen border police station Su Wenwei told reporters that morning 12 fishing boats back to harbor has been completed, then the local border will strengthen supervision and inspection, personnel evacuation. Typhoon landing about 10 hours ago, the staff will be arranged for 24 hours on duty, to deal with the sudden situation during the typhoon, to prevent the evacuation of the crew back to the fishing boat. Look at the port to most of the longitudinal, ships have orderly emissions. Fishing boats, there are some fishermen are busy. Within the harbor, fishermen are busy, stepping up loading and unloading cargo. Liao Jing subsequently, the reporter followed the border police boarded several large fishing boats. Many of the obstacles in the shuttle cabin, ice, unloading, net…… The fishing boat is unusually busy, some fishermen are stepping up to unloading, some fishermen at sea for ice fishing can timely to prepare after typhoon. "We are always concerned about the weather changes, and now more than and 20 fishermen on board are stepping up operations." From the Shanghai light trapping fishing boat owner Chen Maofu told reporters that he is aware of the typhoon has great influence on Fujian after 25 in the evening on the advance back to the port, in addition to the mountain of the ship may be blown away by the goods moved to the cabin, and then determine the direction, ropes, anchored reinforcement. Su Wenwei said that as of the day of 15, the 305 fishing boats have been fishing port, 17 ships (15 ships of the nearest shelter in Zhejiang, the 2 ship in Ningde). Similarly, in the National Center of Shishi Xiangzhi fishing, fishing boats have completed entry, officers are stepping up the boat into the cabin, with fishermen ashore. The harbor, fishermen to organize fishing nets. Liao Jing photo and other reinforcement completed, began to evacuate the ship相关的主题文章:

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